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Received goddess+acessory+ark

Was a really fine thing to give us non-hardcore players such awesome itens BUT, we dont know any of them and we WILL make wrong choices so, can you please consider giving us something to exchange the chosen gear other than just the armor type?

Myself i got a BAD ark+accessory+fixed ichor combo. Well how could i get it right on the first time? And farming all the required things is the reason why I didnt have them in the first place so please.

Consider giving us some exchanging power for fixing mistakes, thank you.

can you explain more detail which one?

Make a character that can use the bad ark, accessory and fixed ichor combo :smiley:

try send a ticket.
maybe they can go back.

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That was an awesome idea friend, i just submited a ticket i hope they can help me cause i’ve been here since paid early access and have spend some nice coins on the game <3

While I sympathize with the lack of knowledge one will have when making the decision, guilds are clawing for new players (in the NA server at least) and all players get free TP for megaphones which they could use to consult the community on their options.

/memberinfo PlayerName also exists to snipe gear of anyone and see what builds and gear they use.