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Re: Why remove hop's Long stride? ;__;


All it really needed was the removal of the knockdown … why remove on Re: ;__; we need more jump / movement mechanics for sw

At least transfer it over to dragoon or copy over the explosive sound effect to dragon fall, because dragon fall sound effect feels ‘floaty’ or like splashing over a puddle when the visual effect looks like the ground breaking up =/


I think it’s a fitting change. Hoplite is built around debuffs and slow but powerful skills, having a movement/CC skill didn’t really fit the class role.

Seeing it (or a similar skill) implemented into another class would be nice though.


It’s to differentiate between lance and spear. The lance Classes have small AoE but huge movement with skills while spear Classes are stationary with larger attack reach and better AoE capabilities.

Also, it was too similar to Dragon Fall of Dragoon.


Like Peltasta.


Haha maybe. IMC’s take on Peltesta is more tank than light skirmish infantry though.

Maybe Retiarius as it already has fairly mobile skills and an emphasis on CC?


Polearm/Spear vaulting should be a thing 500_F_220146284_1RPZ0cFEDRy2khVqS7kYc9W85hqA2Lfu

If not hop at least for 'goons or reti, been playing monster hunter world and vaulting around using my insect glaive is just so much fun… I’ve completely abandoned the old boring stay-in-place battle style. But seriously long stride is fine without the knockdown, I’d come back again and play more tos if they bring it back


It was my favorite Hoplite skill alongside Stabbing and Finestra’s AoE (I don’t like Finestra’s stance).