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Re:Inforce Ideas Redux

Ranking items should be a thing. So items like Arde Dagger, Toy Hammer, Ignition, Venom dagger could be relevant again.

For example.

Arde Dagger Lv. 75
to bring it up a rank you would need 2x Arde dagger + 100x Garnet, 2x Blessed Shards, Plafeanpoe Lv.1 x 20, 20x Sadiefi Crystal Lv.2 Now you have a lvl 120 Arde Dagger with stats of a lvl 120 purple ranked dagger. With 1035~ 1215 physical attack and a 10% bonus on the item stats,

Now this new Arde Dagger Lv. 120
to Rank Up you need 2x Arde Dagger lv. 120 + 150 Garnet, 5x Blessed Shards, 35x Plafeanope Lv. 1 , 20x Sadiefi Crystal Lv.2, 20x Diamond and now you have a 170 Arde Dagger.

I idea is also to expand on other items in the game that arent utilized in the game and even use the heathran badge items and once you get beyond the lv. 300 Heathran Badgesm you use the lvl 300 items and not just using Practonium, Planium, Blessed Gems.

Lv. 400 + HG should be similar to CM but make the mobs stronger and less exp and unable to solo, you enter a 400+ HG the mobs swarm your character and as you move further in the map you get better drops and as a party is spent in the area drops increase and the mobs are also based on average patk and matk.

What was my surprise to get a Venier recenly and since I have a midlevel Fencer I wanted to give her the rapier. But looking at the attack on it, it seems the devs forgot to apply all the attack buffs on the weapon, making it totally pointless. What a shame…