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Re:Build Wizard Ideas


cryo/chrono/sage was pretty standard for a while but the supportive elements of both cryo and chrono have been diminished. Who knows? I don’t know that I’d want to play chronosage anymore :frowning:


It was popular because it fits perfectly into the 3 rank system, and they actually work wonderful together with frost pillar, haste, and missile hole, which all of them actually getting nerfed in rebuild.

but now that we can choose whatever rank we can,
stuff like kino would be nice there, so space +time + gravity stuff.
or maybe RC, for runic space time mage.
of course cryo/pyro would still be nice, it will be like space+time+thermodynamics.


The last time that i saw about Featherfoot they removed the “Blood Curse” skill, did they added it back?


Could you share the link to this video?
Did you find further information concerning summon’s damage formula?

I have both Marnox and Froster Lord cards, but I prefer Marnox most, I think its normal attack is faster.
However, I’ll probably use Froster Lord card after Re:Build, since I have a decent staff and I don’t intend to invest on a new weapon for now. Maybe in the future I’ll change to rod, considering the new Rod Mastery (50% casting time reduction) plus increase of physical defense with shield.


It’s true tha they do not have a high damage, so picking a shadowmancer or warlock will make a better damage dealer, but with the nerf to the necro duplicate will help a lot, and I dont really now if its true but it looks like hole of darkness will have a pretty good scaling


Yeah looks like you are right, damm, now I am sad


I dunno about what they’re saying but here’s a vid of a sorc using Zaura with a rod and shield. This was a patch before the most recent ktest build as of this posting.


In my case I want to make cryo-taoist looks like a great combo but idk what put in my empty slot, maybe featherfoot or maybe alchemist to get good healing, maybe sage for damage . Idk why but the elementalist doesn’t like me more it look weak for me.


I did ask the person who upload a video of Cryo-Ele-Tao. He said that Electrocute + Storm Calling is pretty nice but it isn’t significant enough. The other skills that are useful would be Meteor and Storm Dust because Hail is completely useless. Low DMG for the high CD that it has.

Because of that, I might consider changing to Kino instead unless they buff Hail damage. Cryo-Kino is pretty good in crowd control. Taoist would be the main damage class while Cryo-Kino helps in CC.


I was planning a fire sumonner with Pyro-Sorc-Onmy based on crit attacks (high spr, leather and fire fox)
But this change on how physical summons works turns out really bad if I can’t use my staff for extra fire damage.

And then it comes: the change on corruption debuff to increase damage from fire and physical attacks. I’m inclining towards pyro-necro-onmy now, but I don’t know how is the class after re:build. How is it?


Testing starts around 11:50. Inside dun330:

  • with staff + legendary Froster Lord: damage = 9-10k
  • with staff + legendary Marnox: damage = 3k

There’s another test somewhere with PATK but I cannot remember where (those are huge vids many hours long). Feel free to watch the vids on the channel to find out.


Does Taoist have like the highest single target DPS in the wizard tree now? Creeping Death Charm seem to melt the bosses at the end.


Anyone can confirm if elemtalist’s new buff " elemental essence" really matters ,like it really increase or doubles the hit ? Also if it works only for the 4 elements (water-earth-fire-lightning) or does it increase poison- Dark- light element as well ? Thanks :3


Can Sage somehow double charms with Micro Dimension?
That would be OP


Copied from General Thread changes to Chrono

What do you guys think about Chrono now. Are there any builds that can somewhat fit Chrono


Chrono is still bad overall.
If they only changed Reincarnation into an AoE and made Backmasking bring magic circles back, it would be enough.
Yet, this are good changes, but really poor for what a real time manipulator should do.


Im doing:

CC Master: Cryo - Kino - Necro
Boss Killer: Bokor - Shadow - Featherfoot (no zombies)
Merchant: Alch - Sage - ??? (prob gonna pick the class based only in the outfit)


For merchant, choose chrono for the haste… oh wait… X(

Why did you choose necro for CC by the way?


Yes. Well at least what i saw in the video in yt. Enchant fire affects the skellies of necro. ( havent seen in bokor or sorc yet)


Mainly because i like necro .-.
Also i read Create Shoggoth has taunt now, it can be a good combo with Frost Pillar + Summons can freely attack with all CC cryo-kino provides.

@Dandu i think it affects every summon. i read it somewhere