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Re:Build Wizard Ideas


Thinking maybe we could start a discussion on what our fellow wizards are heading towards and maybe post some videos of nice combination you see on youtube. I’ll start with some of my ideas and feel free to comment and post your own.

  1. Main - Wiz-Ele-Rune-Onm. Idea was to make a class with multiple elements. Was previously elememe so I’m a big fan of elementalist skills. Onmy skills are pretty fun as well after trying it on my sub. Not sure if there is enough damage output as a main though

  2. Ice Lightning Mage - Wiz-Cryo-Kino-Tao. How are the interactions with taoist and cryo? Another option I was thinking is Sorc to replace Kino and use Froster Lord, or use Ele to have electrocute and hail

  3. Fire Wizard - Wiz-Pyro-Kino-Sage/Warlock. Pyro-Kino still seems to be a nice combination as the skills connect pretty well together. Flame ground+heavy gravity & magnetic force+flame pillar. Warlock or Sage could both fit in pretty nicely. Ele is another option to replace Sage/Warlock to get more fire skills. It seems like I’m having too many builds whereby Ele could potentially replace some of them

  4. Vampire - Wiz-??-??-Featherfoot. Honestly have no much clue what to have here as I was previously running a farmer FF build.

  5. Summoner Wiz - Wiz-Bokor-Sorc-Nec. Pure summon build. Not sure how well it fares here. Or maybe a dark mage instead with Wiz-Bokor-Nec-Shadow

Still lacking Chrono and Alchemist though


Wiz-elem-onmyo-chrono for casting wizard. I really dislike slow cast time, so I think chrono is important. Pass also reduces the long cool down of elem skills.

Honestly, I think a better fire wiz is pyro-elem-chrono or pyro-elem-kino. Chrono is obviously for quick cast and pass. However, kino is much more pleasant to play in my opinion. I love heavy gravity (stupid flying mobs :rage:). Pyro’s fireball+elem’s sand storm, and pyro’s flame ground+elem’s meteor.

I’m actually kinda lost on how to build a dark wiz now. Shadowmancer’s damage get boosted by warlock or…? I heard bokor helps dark property attacks, but I think bokor fits better in summoner builds…


I’m going pyro-elem-onmyo. Fireball’s greatly improved after Re:Build and I really need a lot of high-hitting aoe for my asio mace proc.

Kinda sucks that they reduced the OH of electrocute to 1 though. -_-;


Will probably go with Wiz-Sorc-FF-Sage

It’s basically called “I don’t have enough money to get good equipment” build.

I’ll be levitating most of the time while spamming Enervation and Sage skills like Dimension Compression. Ngadhundi and Kundela Slash has low cd so I can spam it more often while my Sage skills are on cd.

I’d pick Sorc so I have something that can deal continuous damage while I position myself. Alternatively I can just get Shadowmancer.


I’m thinking alche-sorc-omnyoji to replace my wiz3thau3sorcOmnyoji3, alche is there to spam hp/sp pots since sorcerer+omnjoyi should give me enough skill to cycle, I guess I could pick a strong single target dps instead but dunno


@8-ball yea… I think electrocute is only worth it in cryo-elem-taoist. I wouldn’t suggest electrocute on the pyro-elem variants.

@MrFioz about alchemist, I’ve seen some YouTube plays. There are 2 new skills, one red flask and one blue flask. I assume they are “use HP potion” and “use SP potion”. Do you have any informations on that? The re:build skill simulator is not loading properly for me…


Coincidentally I was also looking into pyro-elem-taoist.

Because if what I’m interpreting on Google Translate is correct, then Electrocute will do a LOT of damage with Storm Calling (increases electric damage 50% for 13 seconds), Tri-Disaster Charm (buffs fire/ice/electric damage by 50% at Level 10 for 10… minutes?), and that new buff (adds 50% electric damage with a 30-sec duration).

Sounds too good to be true, and I know IMC looooves to disappoint. So… we’ll see what happens when the English versions come out.


Afaik they use existing hp/sp potions and amplify their effects making it stronger and aoe (for party members) but I’m not sure about it


@8-ball yea I heard storm calling doubles the damage (or hit count?) of electrocute. Cryo freezes mobs that enhances electric attacks.

@MrFioz I see… I assume the skills actually consume potions right? Would be too good if they don’t lol. So basically alchemist is a wiz class that plays similar to cleric, but with both HP and SP recovery?


Oh it does? That’s good to hear. Storm Calling has a 24-second cooldown though. Elecrocute, only 10 seconds.

Actually, I found this in one of the many Re:Build threads (

According to this, Storm Calling doubles the targets affected by Electrocute. Lightning Charm adds a chance to deal 50% more damage “of radius type” (whatever that means). Storm Dust also combos with Fireball the way it did with Psychic Pressure.

This helps more than plain ol’ Google Translate, that’s for sure. XD


Im thinking of making my main Wiz>Cryo>Ele>Tao for a sort of balance number of elements

I’m not 100% sure about this build since I’ve only glanced at the new skills (feel free to correct me). but my thought goes like this:

For earth property skills we have:
Wiz: Earthquake, Ele: Storm Dust

For Fire we have:
Ele: Meteor, and I think ele has a new one? replacing Prominence (i could be wrong)

For Ice we have:
Cry: nuf said. Ele: Hail

For lightning:
Ele: Electrocute, Tao: Divine Punishment?

It still is a Ice property heavy build but it might be good with the addition of Tao skils, we’ll see.


The skills were Sprinkle HP Potion and Sprinkle SP potion.

Based from the name of the skill it will consume pots and will be used to support party members. (No official info yet) So Alche might be the new Ein Sof (SP recovery). Prolly these two skills are single Target.

I wish it has no SP cost tho haha.


Im not sure what char to go if go boss killer or aoe master

Boss kiler ideas


And for aoe
Onmo>warlock>Kino or pyro or elemen

We can have some ideas but new sinergys are comming i read about one of fireball+ff but we should wait to official traslate to know what are the new sinergys


Look through some of your ideas and I think I might switch mine up a bit

  1. Ice Lightning Mage - Wiz-Cryo-Ele-Tao (replaced Kino with Ele). Mainly to get all the Ice and Lightning skills I could possibly get. Hail and electrocute to make myself a full fledge Ice Lightning Mage

  2. Fire Wizard - Wiz-Pyro-Ele-Onmy. I’ve seen the combination of Storm Dust + Fireball and it seems too good to pass on. Got Meteor as well as an added Fire skill. I read somewhere that Onmy Max Fire Fox gives you 95% crit chance? Hope to get a confirmation on this.

How is Runecaster in this era? Tbh the skills seem pretty underwhelming as the runes seem to have pretty high cooldown??? How is the damage though?? I was thinking of maybe going with Wiz-Rune-Onmy-Chrono to take advantage of Pass to reduce the CD of my skills. And it has quick cast which helps to cast the skills faster. Does Pass still require 2k gold per cast now???

Also, does Shadowmancer and Bokor have any cool interactions or synergy??



You can use Rune of Giants on Shoggoth. You also have effigy from Bokor and summons to be lazy with. I think this is the most decent build for someone wanting to play summons.


For Bossing i will make WIZ>RC>???>FF … FF is the core of the build, pretty good class overall, heals own hp, avoid many damaging skills with levitate, Enervation + Kundela Slash deals tons of damage.

RC’s Rune of protection for casting and knockdown protection, the new Meteor skill is a good thing to use in FF’s cds.

there still a class missing, still thinking about what to choose.


You could try Shadowmancer for single target burst (with +50% damage on cursed enemies) or Warlock for more AoE skill options (with a mastema+Rune of Justice combo bonus).


Ff levi only 30 secs. Cd 1min.


I guess I’ll make just random rainbow builds for my chars except my Alchemist cause I get more growth points for them.

Not as if I’m going to play any of the Wizards active again when Re:build hits since it’s pretty much a really bad time to be playing Wizard + I’ll need every attribute point from them for my main Cleric since IMC doesn’t want you to play multiple chars anymore with the high attribute point costs :slight_smile:


what do you guys think of RC-chrono-Onmyoji practically a spell caster (all dmg skills have cast time, that’s why chrono)