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Re:Build Wizard Ideas


I personally think elem-pyro is better with chrono or kino.

Elem and pyro has many strong skills, but their downside is long cooldown, which can be solved by chrono. Not to mention quick cast.

Kino is generally very pleasant to play in my opinion. It has heavy gravity to combo with flame ground. It also has many skills to fill in between the long cooldown of pyro-elem.


I was thinking of going this route for my main as well as an AOE DPS. Previously was elementalist before Re:Build since it has more damage than Onmyoji last time but now that elementalist got nerfed I was thinking of going Onmyoji as my main spellcaster. Plus the skils look nicer and have bigger AOE. Runecaster also have 3 main AOE casting skills although they all have pretty high CD

The question now for me is whether quick cast is needed for this build. I read that rod mastery gives a 30% quicker cast time now and skills won’t be interrupted unless knockback so the removal of surespell isn’t much of an issue. Also, not sure if rotating just Rune+Onmyo is enough since the CD of skills are pretty high. This build does have Pass but do Pass still require Time Crystal/Fragment or is it free now?

I think I would go with Pyro+Ele+???. Both provide nice fire skills. Question for me now is whether Fire Fox from Onmyoji is a good enough buff for me to warrant taking Onmyoji to buff my fire skill. I read somewhere that is provide some sort of crit buff now but I need confirmation. If not Kino seems to be the superior option due to the combos it can do with Pyro.


My #1 alt was wiz2-cryo3-ele3-rc before r10 and I never suffered from not having Quick Cast. I upgraded to wiz3 mainly for the extra damage on MM and Earthquake than really for Quick Cast. IMHO taking a FULL class slot for just Quick Cast is a waste. You get Pass with Chrono, which is really a good skill, but I would rather have more damage instead with a third offensive class to lower the time when Onmyo and RC skills are on cooldown.

In fact, I would do a mix of these with pyro-kino-onmyo instead.


I found 2 videos for the 2 fire based builds



Tbh both seem pretty good I really can’t make up my mind.

On Ele we have 2 more fire skills and fireball+storm dust interaction. Meteor has such a huge AOE but does it still have interaction with flame ground??? Fire claw is a great skill against bosses as well. With this build, it can be seem to be more of a fire+earth based wizard because storm dust and toyou (also maybe the tree skill) and both seemingly earth based looking an idea which I love.

On Kino we have flameground+Heavy gravity, fireball+PP interaction and better CC. The CC is really great with magnetic force>flame pillar and gravity pole. One thing that I need confirmation is that does Fire Fox still provide the fire buff to Psychic Pressure and Gravity Pole?

Pyro-Kino-Ele would work but I confirmed with the uploader and he mentioned that Onmy Lv.15 Fire Fox provide additional critical chance for fire magic of +95 % . This seem pretty good to pass out on. Furthermore, Onmy skills have such great AOE that it seem a bit wasted to not take it too.

Also, how is sorcerer in this meta? I was thinking since I’m already using elementalist and other classes in my subs (elementalist was previously my main) I’m thinking of exploring a sorcerer option. Not a pure summon build but just some good classes that interact well with sorcerer.


The last set of patch notes mentioned restoring the fire attribute for fire fox so I think it’s back?

Going Sorc-Kino-Onmyo makes sense imho, there are just enough skills for you to cast between channeling gravity pole and psychic pressure so sorc adds a passive source of damage within all that. Other than sorc being pretty much a hands-free source of damage though it doesn’t really interact with anything and tends to be the center of a summoner build instead.

Sorc does offer the very useful sp regen and aoe increase cat buffs though, but I haven’t really confirmed how useful the sp regen will be with re:build’s max sp% based recovery.


Do you know how the damage of sorc is like now? They revamped the damage of all the classes but I’m not sure how the reworked damage of sorc summon is like. Not sure if Desmodus and Evocation is any better than before. Kino+Onmy sounds good now considering that Psychic Pressure and Gravity Pole has the Fire Fox attribute back. On top of that Onmy have some really good AOE as well. Currently I’m using Froster Lord on my sub and I really like the riding skill but I suppose Marnox is still superior in terms of normal attack?

I was thinking if Warlock would be a good addition with sorc + another class. Based on my options now I have not explored the option of using Warlock in any of my build and somewhat I would like to include it in somehow either as a main or in another of my subs


ktesters are having a hard time getting the good summon cards so I haven’t really seen a sorc at full power, but sorc pretty much stayed intact with all the attributes including salamion heal and overwork attribute so I think they will still perform well. Desmodus and Evocation are really more about their extra effect but evocation actually deals a lot of damage currently, almost on par with Meteor.

I’m not a fan of warlock with sorc because summon kills don’t spawn invocation spirits, I don’t know if they changed that though. The most obvious synergy with warlock is probably curse increasing dark damage by 50%, so bokor and featherfoot are good classes to consider. Both of these classes also have low cooldown staple skills which is good for complimenting warlock’s high cds.


Pyro-Kino-Onmy is what I’m gravitating towards (ha), but I’m finding it difficult to imagine how useful the CC of Kino will be in a post-Re:build TOS game, compared to just killing them faster with Elementalist meteors and Fireball + Storm Dust that doesn’t require you to channel a spell to get the fireworks…

(Also now that the Fire fox attribute is back, can someone test to see if the double hit on Gravity Pole is back with it??)


Can anyone confirm if Enchant Fire is now applicable to summons? Heard it somewhere but I don’t know much of the details.


I’ve watched Nekorin’s vid with Sorc, and it seems that damage is now based on your summon type. This means only Froster Lord and comparable casters will be useful and everything else will be trash… unless you want to use a mace as your main weapon instead of rod or staff. The mace will provide the now mandatory PATK to use Marnox, Netherbovine, Gorkas, or any physically based summon.

The char I liked to play the most currently is thauma/sorc/onmyoji, and I’d like to keep sorc/onmyo as base Marnonmyoji build. So I’ll have to reinvest into a good mace (for the loss of thauma buff) and find a suitable third class. I was thinking of getting Alchemist, since the build could be SP hungry.


-Rod Mastery casting time reduction increased (30% -> 50%).
Rune Caster

  • Rune of Stone can now be used with Rune of Giants as intended.
    -The attribute Rune Caster: Skilled Casting has been changed. It now provides a chance to receive a stacking buff. With 1 stack, the casting time of all rune spells is reduced to 1 second. With 2 stacks, the casting time is reduced to 0.5 seconds. The duration of the buff scales with attribute level, with a max level of 50. The duration is: [3 sec + Attribute Level x 0.2 sec] + 2 more seconds if you reach max attribute level 50.

if things stay this way we can safely remove chrono from the equation (poor chrono ;\ )


Same sentiments. I was an Wiz3>Ele3>Warlock>Rune main but I played a sub which is Wiz3>Thauma3>Sorc1>Onmy3 and I LOVEEE Onmyoji skills. The damage isn’t as high but the AOE is so good. Now that I get a chance to fit Ele into my other sub mages I would love to make my Sorc-Onmyoji as a new main. I was using Netherbovine as a summon for that but I have a Froster Lord card on my other sub.

So if I were to get a Marnox I would need a mace to do good damage? Do you know what summons go well with rod. I might just stick to Froster Lord just because I have it and I like the riding skills. If you were to get a mace just so you can use Marnox, won’t you lose the casting speed attribute of rod? I read there is an attribute that reduce your casting speed by 30% when using rod which acts as a pseudo quick cast.

Also, since I’m using a staff now, I believe that in future there is going to be an option to trade in my weapon or blessed gems back or switch it to another weapon right? Felt like I read something like that somewhere.


Well, chrono still has pass for long cooldown of pyro-elem. But then again, if I add in onmyoji or even kino, I would have enough skills to have little downtime.

Sigh… as much as I hate slow casting, I don’t think I would waste a “rank” just for it.


Biggest thing I think I’m concerned about in the two builds I’m considering is the amount of channeled spells versus casted spells - no sense using a rod to lower your cast time if more of your spells are channeled and don’t benefit from the decrease. And casted spells are generally better for damage because you can drop them and cast another spell or keep moving.

Pyro has HB, Kino has PP and GP, Onmyo has Yin Yang - but onmyoji has mostly casted spells…good thing class resets will be easier to get after re:build!


It’s even 50% now. But yeah, Marnox means mace, otherwise your damage will be close to zero. With a rod, you have practically no alternative and forced to use Froster Lord.


Eh? I don’t get it. Does mace burst Marnox’s damage somehow? I always thought that for summons, the best is to go Staff because of higher M. Atck


I think the Re:Build changed the formula so that sorc demons that use physical attacks scale from physical damage now as opposed to magic damage.


Im going wiz>necro>FF>Sage
Why? I am a sucker for necromancers in general, I like FF survivability and sages are dope.
Real reasons: FF is really for suvivability but it has some synergies in the build overall, like kudela slash that double hit if enemies are debuffed, so necro corruption will help a lot with this and some atributes from sage give debuffs too, the duplicate from micro dimension to double summons and tower from necro and bone pointing, the summons attacks will help regaining health from blood curse


Nice. What do you like so much about sage? My personaly experience with them is not very good. I feel they have long cooldown, mediocre buff, and mediocre damage. The only reason I have a sage 2 is for portal shop…


Space and Time mage
WIz - Sage - Chrono - X

I dont know what should I fit into that X though.
this one will not function though, because chrono is dead, but well, for role playing, doesn it sound cool ?