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[Re:Build] What to do with Pistol and Mount?


I don’t have the energy to read through oceans of details, I’m mainly just wondering~

As a SR Appraiser who wants to keep Appraiser and put a lot of effort into crafting end-game gun what exactly do I do with my Xbow+Gun setup and Pet?

Are there any Pistol builds left in Archer? and are they rebalancing/redesigning Riding to be comparable with more skills or what? Do I delete my Armadillo for Falcon to do AoE again? ;o

Are they gonna let us trade weapons for same thing of different type cuz I fear my character will have to start at the bottom and have no weapon. o.O Which wouldn’t make me very enthusiastic to return to this game.


If you don’t have the energy to read much, I recommend Hillgarm’s Pocket Guide:

One of your questions is answered in the 8th point he wrote. It is:

  • “There will be an NPC to exchange Masinios, Wastrel, Asio and Legendary weapons for others of the same name (ex: Solmiki Dagger > Solmiki Rapier) keeping all the upgrades and extra additions (awakening and jewel), as far as information it won’t require any complement from offhand/1handed to 2handed.”; as long as you had the weapon before Re:build and don’t add anything (stats, transcend, enhancement, etc.) WHEN Re:build hits before exchanging.|

About your pet, I don’t know any info on character slots, but my personal opinion is: Don’t delete the Armadillo, it is too cute and precious. <3


Pistol is no longer an option in the archer tree, but SR and BM (and some other pistol-compatible) classes are now in the scout tree.

Crossbow is pretty limited, and scouts will not use crossbows. They’ll use 1h swords instead in their main hand as a stat stick. Crossbows will still be available in the archer tree but probably won’t be used much outside of QS variant builds.

Yes, with some limitations. If you have a 350 or 380 weapon, you can trade it for another one. For primuses, it has to have a certain upgrade and transcend level to be able to be swapped, but set pieces shouldn’t need upgrades. If your current crossbow has a bonus skill level to a skill which is being removed (like Masi crossbow), that skill is removed from the weapon.

Riding is no longer an option at all in archer, but will be in the scout tree if you wanted to keep your SR. Be careful as not all scout skills are usable while mounted, but many are, so you should be able to come up with a build you like.


My pistol/bow are the upgraded crafted 2 Practonium ones~ Aspana Revolver. They don’t care about those ones and just want me to delete them? ;/



  1. buy cheapest asio 1h xbow/spear recipe in market for 7-9million
  2. farm the mats for two days (there are new quest that give 2 practo free at lv 380)
  3. craft it before january 15th
  4. when the rebuild patch arrive, trade it to special NPC with asio pistol


IMC doesn’t care 315 weapon. You got 3 option

  1. Start over new weapon
  2. Ditch Appraiser
  3. Delete everything and goodbye