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RE:Build Templar discussion


Fellow Templars! Let us discuss were we are in the current game.
We clearly need several changes, because as we are right now Templar hinders our enjoyment of the game. Lets start with a pro/con list, I haven’t tested or tried all features in RE:Build so far so please feel free to add or change stuff that i got wrong.

Horse is adorable
Guild UI Is pretty good and straight forward
Teleport to and teleport a guild member are class features not skills

Most Templar skills must be used while mounting the horse
Most Every other swordsman skill is unusable while on the horse
This is completely unnecessary, and makes severely limits your class combination choices.’
Guild storage only stores items from guild quests and events.

That’s all i got for now, personally current Templar wouldn’t be so bad if we could at least used other mounted class skills while on the horse or if we could use more of the class skills while not mounted.


Templar is getting some love in an upcoming update:

Original post:

Hopefully Templar will be better to match with other mounted classes. Cata-Lancer-Templar and Pelt-Hakka-Templar or Barb-Hakka-Templar are some builds I think that may work decently with Templar when we get these changes.


how to use teleport features? ‘w’? i thought they took it away Owo


Its no longer a skill, now you just open up your guild menu click on a guild member and the option to teleport should pop up!


thank u X3 i didn’t know this owO


Sadly I think it’s guild-master exclusive now and they can use it on any character in their team.


sadness… i am not guildmaster of the guild ; w ;


very nice, they honestly should let the horse count as a regular mount. i really wana lance stuff while on that horse


Here is my Templar skill arrangement…

Horse Riding + Advanced Orders = fast map traveling and cuteness :blush:

Flying Colors for the tasty crit and who doesn’t like the Fast Forward Flags :smile:

Shield Charger Gives a nice shield that can make you almost immortal for a min :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Forge it makes for a nice distraction, it does dmg and you can get on top of it :smiley:

All this skills work on party and only speed buffs is restricted to horse only…

the rest can be used any time one can :prince:


So… only Battle orders and Advanced Orders are mounted only skills.
Thats my List of pros and cons right now.

  • High Shield
  • Forge detects invisible units
  • Mortal slash deals decent damage
  • Flying Colors gives tons of crit rate.


  • The SLOOOOOW cast time for Mortal slash where you take half the cooldown time just to use all the 5 overhits;
  • Forge duration and damage are low;
  • The horse is incompatible with any other mounted class;
  • you can only use Battle Orders and Advanced Orders mounted on your horse;


Mortal Slash was my first skill test and as you can see its not on my list cause it sucks outside of a big guild war at best :expressionless:

To the pros I want to add that I found out the deployment of other templar skills is relatively faster when you are on the horse, so you could mount drop all and dismount every time their CD end…

sadly am also nak muay so it cancels my stance :frowning:


I thought of going Cata > Lancer > Templar instead of the usual hoplite. You can use templar skills while mounted on regular mounts, so you don’t have to bother with the horse (but lord I wish I could use horse instead of regular mount, perma pain barrier? op).
I’d lose lots of damage from not going hoplite (both from losing buffs and from having a smaller rotation and less fillers) but my team would gain a lot. Only problem is that Non Invasive Area seems to need a 1h sword + shield to use.

Was thinking of something like that, thoughts?

(I’m currently using cata>hop>lancer to level up my character solo)


will this allow other skills to be used while on the horse finally? please just fix templar Y_Y


So fellow templars so what are you guild names!


@Aoi_Kanashi @DrRM @trombini.vinicius @kitelink

So, how have been your experiences so far past 1 month re:build?

I want to add that the Shield charger is awesome, but take tooooo much time to build.
If it be used in dangerous situations, you are dead. Yet, still a nice skill.

Also, i liked the idea of @kitelink:

Tell us your guild names and Server!


well, by now i see less templars around sinse the horse hipe is gonne.
Mortal slash isnt worth spamming sinse it takes around entire 8 seconds to use all 5 overheats while other skills do the same damage on half the time.
pvp on a gvg point (I m using boruta as example) templars are kinda ok, cc mages are the actual plague right now.
I kinda never uses the horse… sacrificing 3/4 of your kit(your other classes skills) to be able to use 2 auras isnt worth at all…
Flying Colors is brutal.


After the update in which templar skills are enabled in common mounts, the templar- Cata-Lancer will shine.

I think your analysis is very shallow, templar is the best kind of support for war between guilds and PVP.

I will talk only about skills:

Mortal Slash

Is a decent damage skill for a class support … its advantage is that it ignores 50% of enemy defense and has many overheats and low coodown,

The down side is that the animation is very slow.

Non-Invasive Area

Is a skill that can protect your allies from short range strikes by pushing the enemies (who are without knockback protection) too far away.
In the future, if it is used while mounted on the horse, it will reduce damage by 25% to allies within the skill.

Is a channeling skill and chanelling skills are very bugged in the middle of lag and desyncs


Ideal for finding hidden enemies, do a annoying knockback every hit.

The cooldown is too long, the damage is too low and is an easy target for linkers.

Shield Charger

The skill proves a fantastic shield for a great period with a decent number of allies (five)

The cooldown is too long, is an easy target for linkers, can be reversed

Horse Riding

Movement speed increases, Pain Barrier buff is applied, A GTW point bonus applies while you are mounted, after new patch some skills will have special effects on horse (flying colors, non invasive area, battle orders, advenced orders), Hard Shield buff is active, its duration becomes infinite.

Cannot use others classes skills (Just templar ones)

Advanced Orders

Increases the movement speed of nearby guild members and allies, while reducing that of nearby enemies.
After new patch you will be able to use with regular mounts.
If used on Horse you can taunt monsters.

Cannot be used with Battle Orders.

Battle Orders

Increases the physical and magic attack of nearby guild members and allies.
After new patch you will be able to use with regular mounts.
If used on Horse gives you and nearby allies AoE attack ratio +1

Cannot be used with Advanced Orders.

Flying Colors

Allies have their critical rate increased and receive less damage in PvP. Reduces enemies’ critical resistance.
If used on Horse gives you and nearby allies 10% less damage on PVP

Durantion is too short


@trombini.vinicius thanks for your reply. I liked how you pointed your views.

@aleparadisetos well, you detailed every skill, ok, and I agree with everything. But how you use your templar in reality?


this can give you the edge if you have a build that doesn’t need a stance you can jump on the horse seconds before shield is ready and use it almost instantly, then leave horse after all templar skills hav been used…

am loving my templar but sadly I cant use this combo cause am nak muai and stance take longer than anything else xD


Really thanks! I never thought of that.I will test it soon