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RE:Build Templar discussion


shield charger is easier casted when you’re mounted on the horse

well, overall it is a good support class the buffs makes the party happy owO

though i haven’t tried classes that has skills on riding pets, so i can’t benefit on specific buffs since it requires to be on the horse to do it Owo


My build is Cata-Templar-Lancer.

Waiting for new templar patch TT__TT


Oh I guess i shoulda stated my guilds name first! BananaFiesta! just a bunch of my buds having a good time. Usually in dungeon runs im a bit DPS support with my Templar/dopple/highlander ,our main usually aggros first then i build my towers.


i missed the olde templar costume, wishe they put up a modified version in the tp shop Owo


Same new one is kinda too much


i like both X3 but i just dont unnerstand wai dei tek awei de olde wann ; w ;


I hated the old one, so clunky, and that cape…


but i like the cape ; w ;


the cape was cool. I was hoping to keep the old cloth version