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[Re:Build] New! Class Build Overview


Greetings Saviors,

Today we would like to introduce a Class Overview for the upcoming Re:Build update.
We’ve also added ENG&PT subs for the Re:Build Class
Let’s see the class build videos to introduce in a future content update.

Staff Re:Build Challenge
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all video are solo beside musketeer


6 Archer videos, 4 Swordsman videos, 2 Scout videos, 3 Wizard videos, 2 Cleric videos.

Clearly not representing the amount of possible builds per base Class tree (with Archer and Scout having the least builds options and Swordsman,Cleric and Wizard having the most ones).

Anyway, the videos are pretty bad (i.e. showcasing the gameplay of someone who has no idea how to use the Classes), probably only targeting new players with gameplay showcases
while not providing any useful information or rating for the current players.

Imo you should mention that these are promo-videos targeting new and potential players,
not veteran players who played for longer than 3 months before Re:build.


I have over a thousand hours of gameplay and I can’t see the difference in this video.


btw weapon anvil is the frustated thing, if my weapon end at +8 i feel bad if i transcendence into 8 or even 10 star, will disapoint if we compare other rich character, and i wonder if RNG is count 50% from each 1 of 3 anvil chance or total 1 anvil,?


if your weap isn’t at least +11 you shouldn’t transcend it anyways…
or you could gold anvil it to death and waste tons of silver to try making it +11 or something.


meanwhile some cash whale is having it their way with +40 weapon and asking for ppl to TBL on chat lmao

Solution that i constantly suggested to IMC, limit the enhacement to a decent level like +15, of course that would mean they should increase the difficulty from 10+ but, the difference between 10 and 15 shouldnt be that bad in that case, allowing everyone to have a semi-balanced pvp instead of the gear cash 0 skills 1hko fest we have now


Oooh~ that runecaster looks really fun! What is the integrated quick cast mentioned? Is it an attribute from runecaster?

Corsair-outlaw seems very fun too, but I’d prefer not having all attack classes in a build. Either thauma or link I guess.

Edit: anyone noticed cleave and seism’s animations got faster and cooler? From the nak muy video.

Edit again: so nak muy is very similar to the current monk’s double punch style right? With those nearly 0 cooldown with the buff.


Please make the scout tree use two sub-weapons too, two daggers, two pistols and dagger with pistol in addition to the normal choices. Think about the possibilities of this small modification!!! I would like to see this…


pretty much the reason I do not engage TBL anymore

when they have no restriction on PVP equipment, balance disappeared. I hate to bring up other game, but there are many MMO with good PVP equipment system.
For example, turning PVP into some separated content to PVE, any player with a character level 50 or above can join into PVP session. PVP session will create they own PVP character will full level, everyone have the same stat point to allocated, same skill point to allocate, and same “wardrobe” of equipments to choose with etc

IMC do not have to copy this kind of system, but some restriction to bring close the gap between equipments is needed, currently TBL is more how is richer/who have better equipment than skill of the players


just because of curiosity… what game is it?

Also, now that we are bringing mechanics from other mmos/mmorpgs ( which isn’t bad, its always good to keep an eye on the competiton) . There is this game (C9) which started and had the BEST pvp mechanics and kept it balanced for straight 3 years, one interesting thing they did to separate PVP and PVE skill values but at same time keep it together for the players, was to create a separate PVP skill info, every skill had a different formula applied for PVP, from damage to cooldown, aoe and DoT balance on a complete scale. That way they could easily improve skills without unbalancing PVE (for some time until the p2w nation attacked but that’s a different story). Additionally they gave us SKILL PRESETS (x4) which allowed u to have your pve and pvp build both working and being able to switch to any of those before joining pvp (ofc u can’t switch builds in the middle of a pvp fight, that would be messy)

Also, they kept the enhacement level of gear at +0 for everyone, and the gear had not much difference between gear gaps, for example, they had gear sets for lv20, 27, 35, 47, 51 and 57, the difference of damage and stats between each set wasn’t that noticeable at +0 (with exception of certain sets which gave a small boost of dmg to a couple of skills or game extra defense) but people could pvp and do great even when u were using a lv35 set fighting a 57 geared player)


Isn’t Blade&Soul better in that aspect? You can relocate all your skillpoints as often as you want, so before doing PVP you can switch to a PVP build and try a different build every time.
If I remember correctly, you can even have two skillsets at the same time, so you can save your PVE and/or PVP build.


it is GW2
if dev want a interesting and fair PVP, they have to homogenised the “equipments pool/state point and level” of each individual player who enter the fight


yeah, the same in C9, but sadly extra presets are still a cash thing, same as skill resets but the last one comes for free every week with events and i think they even give it now with PVP points but meh, Webzen killed the game 3 years ago, so im not getting back for real


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