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[Re:Build] Musketeers

Fellow archers,
Musketeer never had a synergy with anything in the Archer tree, to be honest. We could at most pick supporting classes that were weapon independent (Wugushi and Sapper) or just a overall buff to the gameplay (former QS Running Shot and Archer buffs). Since Rifles can’t cast Arrow skills, musketeers were doomed to said paths.

Now since musketeer can be choosen from the beginning, many builds can be seen as
Archer1 - Musketeer3 - Anything3 - Anything3

IMC said they’ll be releasing 2 classes to the archer tree, one that uses cannons and one that uses rifles. So I pretty much can see the class building path including that.

Which build do you guys think will be the best to the musketeer class? I tried to hate it, I tried to leave it, but my heart is and will always be with the musketeers.

I think I’ll settle with Archer1 - Musk3 - Sapper3 - NewClass3

There are no more circles, so there is no longer a reason to add the “Archer1 - Musk3- etc”. It’s just archer - musk - anything - anything, you get everything for the class when u first select it.

I think it’s obvious to say the other rifle class will be a top option for musk giving u a full set of skills that you can use with rifle you will already have. From there it would likely be a weapon independent class like wigu or sapper, as it was before.

do you have ranger/using ranger crit shot and/or appraiser in your build right now?, just enjoy it if you have before it gone, if you dont, you dont really play musketeer to the fullest right now, just saying

Ah yes, a ranger skill is what makes musketeer good. :roll_eyes:

Allow me to really blow your mind:
Musketeer will be just fine without armor break. Musketeer will be just fine with 5 levels of snipe. Musketeer will be just fine without running shot.

Armor break is another great example of a thing which completely trivialized PVE content to the point of absurdity. Running shot and AA musket builds were always counter intuitive to me, because you are using lazy AAs on a class with some of the highest SFRs in the game. Muskets are still going to be exceptional, we will continue to be a hard counter to the defensive stat meta in PVP, we will continue to be long range death machines.

New sapper skill looks amazing, though I feel like detonate lost a lot of its effectiveness since so few defensive magic circles are left in the game.

Appraiser adjustments look like a very good supporty choice for musket, especially in group content, since they fixed overestimate and moved the squire durability skill over to appraiser–and its other skills are still good.

Aiming still exists and piper remains mostly unchanged, making falc and piper an exceptional support choice as well.

Hunter seems much improved but the jury’s still out on if the abilities work on bosses–this of course will still be a valid option for PVP musket if the AI is fixed, and fleshes out other options with QS for personal defense in PVP, though I don’t think QS has enough yet to justify it as a choice.

Wugushi is still a valid DPS choice for musket–and that’s before the new class (which I am calling grenadier in my build plans, since I think that’s the only lol lore thing I can think of that would know how to use both a musket and a cannon, and I am still operating under the assumption that it’s a combined class), which I think will also be an excellent damage boost for both musket and cannoneer, depending on the direction they take.

Right now I’m most likely to do appraiser piper musket as a best of everything option, because the one thing I dislike most about playing musket but having a support piper in PVE content was that the piper often did not time Weltblum to my highest burst, which would be exceptionally hard to do. So, I still get the PVE party buffs, still get the great PVP appraiser and piper debuffs/CC for PVP, and my musket playstyle remains mostly completely unchanged (I’m a2 sapper1 scout2 appraiser piper1 musk3 right now).

Some builds I think will be great:

Appraiser Falc Musket (PVE support A)
Falc Piper Musket (PVE Support B)
Wugu Falc Musket (PVE DPS Hybrid)
Sapper Wugu Musket (PVE DPS)
Hunter Appraiser Musket (PVP)
Piper Appraiser Musket (PVP)
Hunter Piper Musket (PVP)

So keep in mind I don’t know anything about the new rifle class. If it is indeed very helpful to musketeer, I’d go archer-wugu-musketeer-new class. Sapper is good, but I feel like it is best with rogue (pick up).

Running shot and AA musket builds were always counter intuitive to me, because you are using lazy AAs on a class with some of the highest SFRs in the game.


Anyway, i think Skill based musket is better than AA musket.

And ranger IMO its a totally viable option, you can pick it for crit shot & steady aim, and you got 1.1 str scale with it. I’m not saying this is you ultrasuperduper best election, i’m saying its viable for musketeer, so don’t discard it if you’re looking for more dmg on your musk skills.

I was always dubious on why the class was in the archer tree. The real Musketeer (see images from the 17th century or from Alexandre Dumas’ books) was mainly using his sword to fight and musket to “snipe” enemies from a distance. In the new ToS rework, they definitely should be going into the Scout tree…

The irony that the skill simulator shows you can use Fletcher and Ranger skills with the Cannon but not the Musket. xD
I will probably do a flavor build, Musketeer, Falconer and then Hunter or wugushi for this lone huntsman that moves around the thick forest with his loyal buddy or buddies to hunt or snipe down targets. will go for the musket buff and otherwise all high damage single target skills which get supplemented with Falconer and the 3rd class.
Of course this probably isn’t “Best in Slot” or anything but I like the flavor. =)

This is one thing I’m not really happy about, but I’m also not sure if it’s just an oversight or what.

If they add Musket later on it would open up a lot of combinations.
Same as Mergen has Crossbow in their skills as well.

We will see if it is an oversight or correct.

Well this is a fantasy game and IMC doesn’t have to exactly match up classes to go along with the real life inspiration for them.

Plus a 2h rifle class is more unique to the game when we have corsairs and hakkas that already have a sword and gun set up. Plus it’s mainly long range so yea, archer tree.

It’d be nice to have Musketeers using pistols with a lower % on their skills. Like pen. shooting 100% dmg with rifles, 75% with pistols, something like that, as the initial class art was showing. Then it’d make sense to move it to the Scout tree, as every other pistol user was moved there.

Pistol and rifles are uniquely different. Scout tree is about fast attacks, support, and off hand scaling. Musket can’t do 2 of those and they are designed for high burst dmg, not sustained AA dmg. On top musk skills like snipe and sniper’s serenity wouldn’t make any sense on a pistol so…

Yea, according to the reasoning IMC put out, makes more sense to keep musk in archer tree. Also, we don’t know how the 2nd rifle class will be😀

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If they are basing it on reality what could they even pick for Musket there? Musketeer is like the most prominent you can pick.
I agree that the class should stay in the Archer tree as it is not about fast attacks but precise and hard hitting attacks. It is a “1-shot” rifle after all (1 shot before you reload for the really old ones).

Is there any fix for this: