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[Re:Build] Musketeer Skill Builds


I’ve been looking around for current Musketeer PvE builds, but I’m not too sure on specifics. Musketeer/Falconer/Sapper seems fun, but I’ve also seen some people take Piper just for the attack buff.
It seems strong, but spending an entire class on one buff feels kind of sad. Here’s what I’ve pieced together so far:

I haven’t played since 2016, so I don’t have much of a clue how damage scales these days. Any critiques would be appreciated.

Also as far as stats go: Are there any PvE scenarios where you would benefit from dumping your bonus stats into CON, or do you just go all in on STR for the little bit of damage?


After ReBuild the biggest problem of Archer is the survivability. Also Musket is a class that can have it’s own skill rotations, so pairing it with buffing classes totally make sense.

So far I’ve tried:
falc hunter musket

  • hunter gives great CC and howling increase my critical chance by a lot by lowing down mob critical resistance. growling fear debuff have synergy with Musket Attack skills

falc piep musket

  • songs to CC for stopping mobs attack you, attack buff pretty straight forward, good survivability.

Both are pretty good build.


One option I wanted to test is Falc-Wugu-Musk.

In case anyone was wondering how often Grooving Muzzle procs and how often Falcon flies:

IMPORTANT: I just tested the number of attacks, for the rest of the day I will proceed doing all possible content with this build and tell you how it actually is. They say Pre-Emptive dmg is super low, but I wanted to test anyway. Most ppl dont even take Sonic Strike nowadays.

UPD: video 2

UPD: video 3 and verdict:


My friend, my build is Falc/Wugu/Musk and i have to say… Whoa! I’m in love with it, and this with medium level investment. So much crits and damage, and the best thing is the DoT on Wugu that sustain the pain on the mobs.


Oh I didn’t think about wugu and hunter, I’ll have to give those a shot. Thanks guys.


I’m trying right now Appraiser+Hunter and so far… it’s not working at all (but maybe it’s due my poor gear)… maybe I will switch hunter to wugu?


After trying a few things (Hunter/Wugu, Hunter/Appraiser, Hunter/Falconer, Falconer/Wugu), I think I’ve finally settled on Falconer and Piper. The double damage from Piper is just too good, and, imo, Falconer (especially with Tomahawk) really makes the AoE in Wugu redundant.


Why tomahawk? Pheasant is better, no?
btw, i tried falconer/hunter. 100% crits and dot is great, but the pet is buggy, if they will fix it - might actually be a good one.


so allow me to reuse the topic so i have this build of musket and i would like to know if i distribute the point correctly nobody said anything about the op so i’m confused i’m going with this i didnt like the ranger-mergen and i wanted to be able to support my team so musket seems the best at holding himself alone and taking 2 support roles am i ok with this skills distribution?


What I realized is that for Musketeer skills generally, the Penetration Shot, and Sniper’s Serenity is really not that good in execution currently.

Penetration Shot is good when it hits, but for the most time as a Controller user, I have a hard time to line up enemies in a straight line for me to utilize Penetration Shot to push them away and damage them as much as other skills, for most of the time, Penetration Shot always misses for me and I’ll get hit instead.

Sniper’s Serenity’s skill is really REALLY bad to execute when you are fighting bosses, especially on bosses that actually moves towards you or chases you or have an attack cycle that moves their positions very quickly to attack you etc, not only staying in Movement Speed of 10 is pretty much a dead sentence for you when melee enemies or bosses are able to run towards you to hit you, you only gain like 50% critical increase, which is pretty not worth it for how much points it requires for you to decrease the charge time. IMHO it is terrible to invest points into it, because 10 points doesn’t let you increase the Crit rate any further than level 1 and Critical Damage +50% for like 30seconds is so brief that you might as well not use it and just use Swift Step to run and gun instead for higher survival chance and DPS buildup instead of being ‘Semi-Stationary’.

Also Prime and Loaded is not the worst one for me since it does help you when all your Musketeer skills are on CD, it is sorta useful on emergency situations but for the most part you end up never using it when you have other skills to use from other classes. Not to mention with current Re: Build SP consumption, you would most likely end up with no more SP after you keep spamming your Musket skills anyways. But it is a pass since it costs only 1 skill point to max it.

I think Musketeer do benefit from higher Crits when used with Archer’s Oblique Shot for Slowing enemies/bosses or Hunter’s immobilizing skills like Retrieve or Rush Dog etc, Howling and Growling also helps aton on keeping massive numbers of monsters stay on their position if you know how to utilize and predict your Pet’s AI and also knowledge of resetting the AI by either feeding or using attack skills to an enemy close to it. I also utilize Praise if the pet AI is broken/doesn’t follow you when you need it. Basically when you are being swarmed, just use Praise and immediately Growl and Howl for the enemies to stay put and decrease their Critical Resistance so you can fire at them after positioning at a safer spot.

However I do agree that Pied Piper and Falconer might still overall still better than Hunter/Wugushi probably, but I don’t really know about Pied Piper/Falconer that well.


Tried musket-hunter-falconer for solo cm but feels like the mobbing rotation is not enough even when I’m actively use hunter’s rush to add rotation.

Swapped falconer to sapper resolved my problem as sapper skill pretty strong with decent range.

Higher sniper serenity is how you get to cast-cancel-cast to be mobile. Just make sure you hotkey’d it to easiest access button.
Velco musket or even unique raid typically have 2k-3k max patk different that makes it worth to max cast it along with the +50% crit damage. 4 sec vs 0.4 sec difference is too huge to not maxed it out.


Yeah I guess I forgot I can cancel it and I placed it at a hard to execute hotkey because it was pretty much strange to use it on other cases, I’ll try to max it later and see how it goes. I haven’t tried endgame content yet too so I guess that must be why I fail to see it being useful.

Interesting I was hesitating Sapper because I thought Sapper skills needs to be set up for the traps to be working? Can I ask how you fare against high end raid bosses or CMs?


I’m setting 20 chars since rebuild but I’ve went like +5 solo CM on each character at least. I only velco to test new build. Didn’t velco with my musket cause I think the damage, rotation, survivability and gameplay is fine for it.

Using +16 masinios musket t10, sapper’s spring trap still can 1 shot mob around. For my personal taste, as long as I have enough decent mobbing+boss rotation then I’m fine with it.


I felt the opposite about Penetration Shot. It feels like the only really hard hitting skill out of the Musketeer kit. Before re:Build I used to play my musket in mouse mode to hit from far away for the damage increase but I’ve since given up since Volleyfire and Covering Fire hit for so little I often find myself straight up skipping them in my damage rotation. Also, their animations are bothersome for fights that require a lot of dodging and repositioning, whereas Penetration Shot is more of a fire-and-done type deal. Recently I put 2 Marionette Cards and I’ve at least started using Covering Fire while bossing, but even then I tend to prioritize Penetration Shot, Snipe, and the Falconer attacks.

I agree about Sniper’s Serenity. It feels wasteful to raise a skill only to reduce it’s cast time, not to mention the movement speed reduction can quickly kill you if don’t react fast enough or are in a bad spot.However, I’ve left it at 10 because it feels like it was intended to work as @redwea mentioned, where you’re supposed to quickly cast then cancel while fighting, and because the average atk increase does make a difference. I still wish the skill would reward you with something else for putting points in it though…

I’m kind of surprised people haven’t mentioned Pied Piper more. Having 22-30 seconds out of 50 of Lied des Weltbaum up on the party is HUGE for party DPS. The downside is that your party also takes 100% damage for those 22-30 seconds but the reduction in clear time alone makes it worth it. In CM and certain parts of raids you can also just activate Lied/Strieg and go right into Hypnotische Flute for 10 seconds so your party can ham away at the monsters while keeping their health intact. Generally I feel like it’s safer in bossing where the 3 blocks can actually make you take 0 damage during the full uptime though. Otherwise, Marschierendeslied is actually pretty useful if you decide to take it and the mice followers are pretty cute.


I’ll admit that I didn’t do much comparison between the two, but for me Tomahawk is better for a few reasons. Before attributes, it has a higher skill factor (unless I’m reading the build simulator wrong), so it should be doing more damage. Also, it requires less points, allowing you to take other skills (Tomahawk and maxed out Sonic Strike for a better Pre-emptive Strike absolutely beats out Pheasant, imho). And finally, that burn damage is so good.

As for hunter vs piper, the guaranteed crits are nice. But piper doubles everything, not just snipe and headshot, and isn’t dependent on the pet working.


@ursquadops I tried boruta with musket and few other characters for a bit.
I have no chance to SS because I can only take 1 hit before I had to reposition myself. From that damage, probably I can take 3-4 direct hit from velco where SS is doable with jump around to avoid velco damage.
So I agree there are fights where ss seems wasteful but there also fights where that .4 sec is valuable.

I’m just an average player but in my opinion, you become better musketeer with bigger balls. So let’s train our balls bigger.

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Boruta has ~ 50 aoe attack rating tops. Make 2 tanks with 29 - 30 aoe def ratings. Put them in front of boruta. Stand in those tanks. Boruta hits tanks only not damaging anyone else. On fedimian we killed boruta on the first day, took us like 1hr 42 mins this week. Did it before the feud.

Btw i found out that musketeer is just a supplementary class. Sapper is the king.
Skill build for musk - 1 reload 15 headshot 5 snipe 10 serenity 10 penetration. Other points - as you like it.

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I was wondering if there is any way to make Musketeer/Appraiser work without high investment? Right now my Musk/App/Hunter have same items as my Scout and the difference in damage/survivability is like day and night.