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[Re:build] Looking for top dps builds for archers post rebuild update

Hey as the title says I’m just trying to figure out what are extremely strong archer builds for bossing or aoe mobbing or even both combined if anything. This is after the rebuild update so now I’m just confused on what I should do now. I’m fine with anything so give out your recommendations. Ty

Same as before the patch, ranger/falcon/mergen is top3 dps on ktos servers and always in demand for any group due to aiming and circling.

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What are the other top dps in ktos? Especially magic dps


Are the popular ones on ktos atm.

any good cannonner build?

Nice build for cannonner

link didn’t work for me

nvm… worked now! I’ll try that build, thank you!

Here dont! O want that build… It opens the home page. Can anyone help? Or describes it, if it opens to you?

it’s archer - qs - hunter - cannoner
try to reload the page with “ctrl+r”
worked for me

You can :

archer - qs - Sapper/Wugushi/Hunter - cannoner

about qs:
how does “block and shoot” work? do I need a shield for it to work or…?

@gustavozor block and shoot doesn’t need a shield equipped to use the buff, but without a shield you are unable to block, so will gain nothing from the buff. a tactic that can work is to default to wearing a shield in gear set 1, and put a cannon/musket in gear slot 2 so you just automatically weapon swap when you use your skills, and then automatically swap back to the shield in set 1. edit: auto weapon swapping to a musket or cannon does NOT cancel the block and shoot buff.


imo all archer builds should have piper. all of them. piper has a song that will cast 1 of 4 possible skills at random out of the skills you know, so if (out of those 4 possible skills it can cast) you only get the +100% damage buff, then you can use 2 versions of the damage buff back-to-back, giving your entire party double damage for 30 seconds out of every 50 seconds, instead of just 15 seconds. having your entire party doing +100% damage for 30 seconds with only 20 second downtime is going to contribute more DPS than anything else by miles. the only argument against having piper is if there is another piper in party, but if that’s the case then the party would just have zero downtime on damage buff.


What page do you see the ktos rank?

Do u think musk is better than cannon nowadays?

I feel slightly more dps on musk but idk…

@pozinho_baracat yes

Same argument saying all cleric should have oracle, all scout should have linker :upside_down_face:

Good thing I done my velco run so I can play whatever I want.

Can someone help with top dps build for archer with opportunity to solo pve?
Thank you guys

How is Canonner/Matross currently? Is it much weaker than Bullet Marker?