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[Re:Build] Kabbalist feedback [waiting for new developer balancing to start again]

emptied because of upcoming developer changes, going to change the post according to the new information when it is out to not have to create a separate topic on this.

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This applies to every class, in the game, almost all the stuff that made them fun is being removed for no reason, added lots of evasion, block and crit buffs in place of actually good stuff.

I’d be shocked with IMC and disgusted with the community (especially in Korea) if this made it to NA as is. This should be game killing.

Please don’t go by what you’re seeing in one or two videos from people who, in many cases, don’t even play the current class.

Many skills were simply merged with other skills… it’s very important to wait til we get a full list of the details before jumping to conclusions.

If double chance was removed, good. It’s completely redundant with Gevura as far as functionality goes. Number skills are still very clunky to use and yeah, I understand it is part of kabbalist identity, but it’s more important to me that the class plays well than muh lore.

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I used Ein Sof for SP heal party as it was always the thing people drain fastest even tanks need sp, but now it its gone am sad :frowning:

then again the most important part of kabba is the costume :smile: as long as they don’t screw that up am still going kabba :blush:

I actually used it quite often, it’s a really cool skill and works very fine with other skills.
Every Cleric e.g. got now the chance to level Smite, which is very strong in combination with Double Chance.
Inquisitor also offers a huge power boost with God Smash + Double Chance, and as long as Oracle doesn’t have its Twist of Fate removed, we have another big contestant for useful skill synergy with Double Chance.

Yes, it required some preparation and skill to use efficiently, but it worked just fine. There was no reason to remove it unless the developers wanted to prevent a certain skill combo with Double Chance.

That’s why it seems strange to remove it, if we’re looking at the amount of skills and skillpoints which point at 1-2 build variants possible as Kabbalist now.

Not in a party–and sure I’ve gotten a few really nice hits with it where I managed to get it off at just the right time for someone’s biggest damage cap nuke, but how often does that really happen? And with such a long CD?

I’m not saying it wasn’t usable, I’m saying it was clunky. And I agree broadly–having only 1 skill path in a class is really boring and uninspired. But we’re in the first ktest iteration, there are so many unknowns right now. Don’t be discouraged, and try as hard as you can to not frame it in what exists in Tree right now. So much is changing that a lot of the skill merges and removals will probably make a lot more sense in the grander scheme of things.


Sweetie, Ein Sof and Tree of Sephiroth got gutted and you’re crying about double chance?


How did either of those skills get gutted, in your opinion, when all PVE content is trivialized beyond recognition because of what both of those skills do?

(There are other skills that are just as bad, I am curious as to your feelings on these two in particular though)

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Please take into consideration that the monsters in the rebuild patch were weaken/nerfed that must be the reason why ein sof was nerfed too with less increase on the players HP.

Sp recovery was removed since all the skills of all classes have smaller sp costs now whichever class tree you are using.

Stacked healing was also removed because of the weaken mobs and higher hp of characters since stat allocation is now automatic and will prolly allocate some to the players’ CON automatically.

So far I just wanna see how kabba will go after the big patch. Can’t wait.

The point I criticized is not the decrease in HP but the fact that the skill still has its cancerous property (short-lived buff) and that the skill effect no longer increases with skill level but only the buff duration.

It’s a bad change because it actively nullifies any incentive to level the skill beyond level 10 (or level 9 if you prefer to use the skill gem) since it only increases the time the buff is on the target.

Given that base camp now no longer improves buff duration, there is no point in wasting 5 more points just for 20 more seconds of 30%/45% more HP if you can just cast the buff again.

Sure, you need to heal up again, but with a decent amount of Healing & with the help of the Ein Sof:Stacked Healing attribute, you can easily recover that amount in one OH of Heal (now got only 10 seconds CD and 2 OH).
So, regarding that aspect, the design of Ein Sof in Re:build is just flawed.

If they wanted to have an incentive to level the skill nonetheless, they could’ve e.g. increase the buff duration to 50 + 30 * skilll-level seconds.
That way, you’d at least have +150 seconds skill duration if you invest 5 more skill points.

You can already see it in the streams/videos from Ktest. It’s less everything, more clunky and very limited utility aside of Healing (which is not the identity of Kabbalist).

I’m ok with the current KTest Kabbalist, though I wish they fixed the merkabah divine protection bug.

Edit: Maybe I should add my point of view instead of being a simple “I like it comment”, right?

As a Support, I look for ways to assist players outside my party too and Kabba is a great way for it. Merkabah increase the damage of everyone inside its area a little, even outside the party, and Tree of Sephiroth is a really good healing spell that heal players outside the party too. Gevurah got a really good boost which leaves it at the same state before Re:Build thanks to damage decrease. Clone got a really good buff too which might help non-dps kabbas. Ein sof was, in my opinion, too strong. I could easily tank 10 people alone thanks to it and revive. Now it is rather important to pick who you give Ein sof since it’s a single target buff. I more than welcome those changes. Being a support at current state is kinda too easy and passive with heal tiles and such. I’m happy with Re:Build and KTest Kabba.


I’m still obssessed with the removal of ein sof’s SP recovery lol XD

Ok, so maybe mobs got weaker and SP cost got reduced, I still don’t think it’s necessary to remove SP recovery. Just my opinion, whenever someone mention kabbalist, I think of SP recovery. To me, it is like a signature ability for kabbalist.


While it’s true that SP cost got reduced, so is SP regen. With the new change, Only Wiz and Cleric got bonus SP regen while other classes would still run out of SP at some point (SR, Zealot, and a number of classes that drains SP). This doesn’t justify removal of SP recovery.

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I havent read any details about sp regen getting lower. But I would not rely on regen, rather I will rely more on SP pots if that is the case.

Well originally Ein sof has no SP recovery in the past as far as I can remember. The original purpose of ein sof was for HP increase not sp recovery.

Let say they put back the sp recovery att. The current 30% hp increase in ein sof will now be cut in half to 15% and that is not good.

Im not gonna lie, I do love the SP recovery attribute but i think we became too reliant to it that it overshadowed the original purpose of Ein Sof (HP increase)

Guess it should be just HP increase or just SP recovery.

If you read the stat change in Part 2, SP regen has been removed from all kind of stat/level scaling. It is now a fixed 3% max SP on all classes.

Wiz and Cleric get 20% more due to Class stat specialisation (from Part 1). However, the same chart from part 1 shows that Swordie and Scout received 40% less max SP, Archer 30%, Cleric 20%. So, in reality, you get much less SP than you think. If your class have %maxSP drain skill (Zealot), you don’t get affect as much because, but flat SP Drain (Limacon) will suffer more than you think.

This is why I said SP cost got reduced and so is SP regen.

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