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<RE:Build> Falconer + Hunter?


Hi there!
I feel like this topic is often brought up but I never got to a high enough level to actually test it or try it out then reworks with classes kept happening.
Since the rebuild, is it possible to be a hunter + falconer? Or is it just a waste of skill points?
Can you have two pets at once?

Thank you in advanced!


yes, very possible


Yeah I made a falco hunter mergen after seeing that video, it’s quite easy to use it for farming baubas, having a cc tower in the middlr of the room ensure a more relaxed playstyle compared to a farming scout, surely hunter loses vs thau when it comes to materials/equip obtained (nothing can come close to double drop) but I feel hunter falco mergen kills many more mobs than a scout so it’s not that bad.

Also you can easily do CM alone, you just need a weapon good enough so you don’t time out at cm4-5 I’m using a primus 350bow +11 T2 and can farm baubas + CM4 at spelltown, I usually net a primus each CM thanks to hunter