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Re:Build, does this affect how to build our archer?


i’m back after 3 years, and I got an potion to reset rank (Ah only if i had it 3 years ago…probably i will still playing…)
Which build for mainly PVE: fast exp, grind, dungeons-raids?
And which one for pvp ?


there is a event going on which you can get 3 reset(rank and stats) every character everyday till the event end.

Since you could pick 3 classes for a character in re:build
I would suggest make good use of this event and try out everything


What you mean with : “Since you could pick 3 classes for a character in re:build”
In the Re.Build u will only have 3 classes?


Every character can choose only 3 Classes from the Class tree in Re:build (e.g. Archer>Falconer>Cannoneer>Appraiser) when at max level, since Ranks are removed.

This ± reflects the current 10 Rank system, allowing for one Circle 1 (base Class) and three Circle 3 Classes.

As the developers stated, there are no plans to increase the number of Classes per build as of yet (might change in the future when many more Classes are available per tree) and instead add more attributes to the Classes when the level cap increases, so you can choose only 3 Classes per character in Re:build to develop your character.

Also, don’t forget that in the future, depending on your Class, there will be different armor attributes per Class waiting for you (Scout&Archer will have to take leather, Swordsmen plate, Wizards cloth and Clerics are split between plate and cloth), effectively reducing the inclination to free armor choice, which is why it’d be good to choose your armor set accordingly (i.e. leather Velco/Solmiki set as Archer).

By the way, weapon restrictions are still there, so there are not as many options for builds on Archer tree,especially since Archer tree was deprived of some Classes who went to Scout and Swordsman tree.
as on other trees.

As of now, they’re probably focusing on the additional Classes for cannon and musket first, so this status quo will last for a while.


thanks and understood!