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Re-agents need to be team storage-able


With the large changes that have been Re:Build it makes no sense for it as it is.

I have thousands of reagents from squire, enchanter, appraiser, etc on my characters and the ones that changed base class are literally worthless now.

You can claim “Oh but just make your squire a scout!”
The name doesn’t suit it!

“Just make your wizard a scout!”
I have only 2 wizards (1 alch, 1 dps), I don’t want to switch it to enchanter and then switch another unrelated character to wizard.
First of all it messes up the names I used, second of all it’s just a silly way to do things.

There is no reason we shouldn’t be able to trade through our team storage our reagents, you can buy them on any character anyway so the only people who ‘benefit’ from it (and they really don’t lmao) are people who don’t have tokens buying reagents on their farmer and trading them through team storage.


Make another account for squire.


agree, with so many class changes one ends up with lot of trash on characters that cant use the items at all…


I used to do the whole 2 account thing. I’m not the biggest fan though. It’s annoying toswitch. Annoying to setup and being able to run two at once is probably against ToS and I’m sure against steam tos


Yes I agree. Had quite lot of magnifier on my BM and when change to Scout I have no more use of it.

Also with my Squire’s food & camp kit. It’s kinda weird why that kind of stuff can’t be stored, like, I don’t see any downside at all even if it can be stored.


At this point I wish they remove the character names or make them free (or at least 5Tps so we can change with the acumulated TP)
After they started changing things frequently I couldn’t keep builds that suit my characters names, It’s a freaking mess. I also have a lot of characters with 30k+ reagents that maybe I will never use again, and it’s not worth selling back to the NPC too :c


This is another large issue for me. When Enchanter wasn’t popular (on release) I made a wiz named Enchanter, well now Enchanter is a scout class, but he’s one of my only wizards so he stayed wizard. :confused:


Yeah I got the same issue with naming lol but I don’t bother it anymore lol I just hide char names now :joy:


agreed you should do this and some changing in this