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Rank 8 Mob Mdef?

Why is IMC making Mdef 2-4x higher than pdef in rank 8?

Come on, IMC =.=

Because the new content is to force you to party to do so, i heard that the Koreans where complaining about the game going all Kirito-mode, which is pretty much that way till you hit marven, you can still solo some new maps tho, there is some maps that there is no magic mob, only melee or ranged archer.

Get 4k magic attack and your worries are gone @_@

I don’t understand where this “party oriented content” argument comes from. We all get it r8 content was made to be completed as a party, that doesn’t justify mobs having up to 3k mdef. It makes magic dps completely unnecessary in parties.

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Don’t ask me, i just heard from who play KR version.

Well, i do think the way it is right now is more drive away people than gather. But as i said, there are some maps that is only melee or melee/ranged phys monsters.

One thing i commented with some friends was that each star that maps have, aside from the actual meaning to these stars it should also be classified as difficult levels:

  • 1 star = easy to solo, you can party if you want but exp will be low.
  • 2 stars = still fine to solo, can have a party of 2 and exp still average and a bit high for solo.
  • 3 stars = party recommended, at least 3 members, good exp.
  • 4 stars = party dependent, minimun 4, high exp compared to 3 stars.
  • 5 stars = full party required, very high exp.

If they add Raid system later on, we could have some 6+ stars maps for that.

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That’s a good idea, 4* maps really bring nothing new other than just extra penalties for dying.

R8 mobs don’t need to be mages to have high mdef, even archers and melees do. What I meant is, if they want to make us play the new content as parties, and diverse ones, high mdef just makes it so the parties (efficient ones) formed consist of only physical dps.


I never knew the star system worked like that, haha. That’s very informative, thanks!

This. Even if the argument that every other class has their own speciality (tanks, healing/support, range crit) and that wizards have high magic def, it still doesn’t explain why magic dps is completely irrelevant in higher level maps.

I’m all for balance, but this basically just eliminates wizard dps from any party, no?

I think you are confusing something, that is a suggestion of mine, its not in the game.

The stars are a penalty rating system: 1 star you lose EXP, 2 stars you lose gems and EXP, 3 stars you lose silver, gem and EXP and 4 you lose gems, exp, silver and cards that are on your bag, also you lose blessing materials.

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Huh. Didn’t realize we lost exp ._.

Is it a significant amount?

To be honesty, i think that part is bugged as of now lol, i don’t notice any lose, even at higher levels.

Can you clarify? I’m not sure I’m understanding you.

exp was never lost. It was false information.

It was only silvers on higher and now blessed shards card and relative stuff to transcend

We gonna have to wait to see if they will really put EXP loss later on or no, well, i wouldn’t doubt they add that, they add restrictions to the most retard stuff, so punishing players with something more wouldn’t be hard for them.

lol you mean they can’t even do something properly without bugging if they ever touch that won’t you have -330 levels :^).

Anyway doubt they will implement something that stupid when you have a card base system that bypass all grind and it’s a casual game @_@.

I wouldn’t doubt that happening. And no compensation, or at least, the same crap compensation as usual.

But the correct way would be like PoE EXP loss, you lose all the exp from that level, but don’t loss levels.

those definitions are kind of pulled out of nowhere lol.
the exp rate has nothing to do with stars. compare Timeys Temple 1* or Alemest Forest 1* maps are insanely high compared to same level 2-3* maps and the exp rate are higher on those than higher stars.

And plenty of the 4* ones on south (Palmer Area) are much easier to solo than a lot of 3* (Wall Area) where they are plenty of aggressive mobs and very dense

You should read what i posted in that one to know that it was a suggestion of mine, it is not in the game…

Yea, and saying your suggestions are inaccurate and isn’t at all how it is, and since @samuelzhang3 seemed to take your word as how the system actually worked

I already told him that it was my suggestion, it seem that he also, didn’t read that part in the very same post.