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Rank 8 Mob Mdef?

Well some people can’t understand unless you bold out the part of it. They at times misread it.

If they do implement i hope it’s nothing big like 5% (mabbe in 5 star maps). Hopefully they dun screw up the potatoe coding ( remember the negative dumpling event values?) meh…

As for now peeps already had issue climbing level stairs even with exp cards so spread out and (pure questing) can net you to 315 range so i dunno. lawl. Not sure if the game community is not informative or people just take it for granted. Then again we are derailing from the op post which is already solve let us ignore this and let it go down.

Maybe 1% exp per star? I think that could work nicely

Back to topic: Raising PDEF will only nerf swordies, because us archers can reduce it by up to -50% (-70% for hackas) c:

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I doubt so (swordies has shiet loads of ignore armor debuff)… i suggest changing it to scaling to % woulda be better. Then again the potatoes is danger.

Changing what to %? Just reducing the MDEF of mobs should fix things, anyone knows if they did it in ktos already? There was a patch about reducing r8 mobs properties a while ago.

with gacha and blessed shard getting sold 99% imc will shaft it down your throat on all.

2.No change

the mdef was never changed but properties are changed instead.( holy hits hecka hard on undead etc)

Rip transcend 210 or go home literally :V

That’s very disappointing.

Instead of making wizards want to party, this MDEF change is mostly making others not want to party wizards (or at least, DPS wizards. Full support chronos are still a go, of course)

And of course, instead of making wizards want to party, it’s making most wizards just want to quit. But then, making people want to quit is ToS’s thing in general.

they are literally asking you to bank on transcend look at the gacha boxes + new weapons lol. (you can hit 5k magic attack now it isn’t a issue sadly) thats what imc is heading.

Well, at least gems will be cheap, maybe.

If that’s the case, IMC’s just asking for a power creep at later levels.

Won’t be nearly as bad as some other games due to the nature of the game pre-220, but it’s still not a good direction.

Gacha for costumes is fine, but power creep…

Haha, my apologies. I check the forums during short breaks; not exactly concentrated.