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Random player update 😽

Been inactive in forums and haven’t really played the game since forever due to the incoming holidays - lotsa stuff to do. Still lurking forums and news section for that rank reset patch though. I wanna do something crazy with my main.

As weird as this is, one night I had a dream about this game, a player opening some sort of gacha box wherein there was a guaranteed blessed shard (or practonium?) - I don’t remember that much from dreams. Weird AF.

Since the current event doesn’t require you to do anything except select a prize, guess I’ll be logging in just to claim free sh~t. As of this writing, I see this particular guy shouting for a 5th member for a mission (4/5). He’s gonna run out of megaphones soon. Thought I’d do Saalus but all I see are player shops, and I’m the only one in queue.

I was happy to see the guildmates I’ve known and used to party with are still playing (and actually online at these wee hours) only to find out that they’re just AFKing in Bee. Not that it’s a bad thing at least for me (the damn game allowed us to easily do it after all), but they used to be the kind who’s afraid of getting banned.

Access to costumes is just getting sh~ttier. Dang IMC. F~cking medals and sh~t.

Sometimes I remember to check the SteamCharts for this game in the hopes that IMC may have done something that turned things around but it looks like that hope is fading with the increasing % loss of players.

I tried to get jTOS set up on my machine but somehow I’m stuck on the patching process. I gave up. Thanks to @atari anyways for the guide.

Looks like TBL is still broken. sigh

Glad to know Swordie ranks are being “improved”. Only 3 seconds downtime for C3 lv.15 P. Barrier + Durandal once that attribute is implemented? I’m in.

Those GvG exploits has been there since forever, and looks like more is popping up every now and then. Free TP I guess.

No/expensive tokens on market? Maybe a few had too much silver and have started hoarding them before the prices go even more cray. A year’s supply wouldn’t be bad. #Rank8DidntKillWarlocks

I read somewhere we can already start playing the global release of RO mobile by January, so yay! #hype

Anyhoo, if anyone’s kind enough to review and give me feedback about my PVE-tank-slash-sh~tty-PVP Murmillo build below, I’d greatly appreciate it. :wink:

Alas! Still no practonium. :crying_cat_face:


Do the patch without the VPN, then you will receive the auth error, close the error box, logout from the jtos site, turn on the VPN (not sexually), login again in the jtos site and press the play button in there.

Without the VPN you can patch a bit faster.


Wish I’ve known that before I got tired and uninstalled everything. Thanks anyways! :slight_smile:

Still kept SoftEther though. Seems handy.



Updated the guide to make it more clear.


@Melon @Anarth

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Still trying to escape to JTOS? Sad…:skull:


coz tos career is a bumpy 1