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Queue's Territory Wars Feedback 2

  • Team Name: Queue3

  • Character Name: Queue

  • Class Build: SW3>HOP3>DRG3

  • CPU: CPU: i5-3570K 3.4GHz-4.00GHz

  • RAM: 12GB DDR3

  • Graphics Card: GTX-960

  • OS: Windows 10

  • Internet Connection Speed: Broadband 150Mbps (effective 100Mbps over MoCA)

  • Country/State: Canada

This round of testing unfortunately had issues that prevented some maps and days from being playable, in additional less players participated likely due to having experienced it in the first testing period, underwhelming participation rewards, and the fundamental imbalances of PVP still existing.

Regardless of the issues, the times I was able to participate in were exciting, and the changes made for this test were improvements. Good work, I really like the improvements from the last test.


This is in response to the changes posted in the announcement:

Spot Areas

The two new maps, Aqueduct Bridge Area and Baron Allero, were major improvements over the previous maps. I particularly enjoyed Baron Allero. Ultimately I’m content with the 3 current map choices, this is a good selection of maps.

Safe Zone

While I was initially skeptical I think this was a good change overall. This forces guilds to group up and prepare in the field which makes for more interesting and potentially action focused gameplay. I would want to see this in an environment with a higher player count. It may be an improvement, for the purposes of this test, it was a fine adjustment.

I do recommend placing some kind of obvious effect (similar to Rx7) above invincible players heads to clearly mark that they are invincible to help prevent confusion.


Good change, they are worth going out to attack, and worth fighting other guilds for.

I feel like the point bonus is too high though which contributed to the rapid taking of the Spot.

Boss Monsters

Good change, worth fighting now. I’d recommend increasing the damage they do though, it’s very low.

Tree Root Crystals

Good change, I recommend x2 the duration of all of them to make them more worthwhile, but either way they can provide unexpected advantages and encourages players to stay alert.

Respawn Location

Good change, it was needlessly tedious before.

Points UI

Fine change, but the UI itself continues to not display for many players.


Good change.

Technical Problems

I know you’re aware, but I wanted to again emphasize the importance of client side optimisation and server side problems. This must be fixed for competitive (fun) gameplay. Desyncs still happen, there are a multitude of bugs both exclusive and non-exclusive to GTW, frame drops, and instances where GTW simply stopped working.

There have been improvements since the last test, and I know more are coming which is good, though some of this was likely caused by less players being involved.

Features and Mechanics

I’d like to seriously emphasize the need to remove Premium Consumables, as well as the necessity in rebalancing/recreating the CC system and damage nullification skills, or at least bringing over more TBL balances.


Radar, among others, still need to be addressed. The change in the camera zoom was a good one and helped reduce the amount of abuse, but there are still advantages with these.

Give us after match leaderboards and statistics. Make it viewable from the win/loss screen, and maybe from the Adventure Journal or new menu altogether.


I don’t think using the last Guild to seize the spot as the winner is the best way to win. This makes last minute rushing a viable strategy, and doesn’t reward the guild that actually does the best overall.

What I recommend is a point based system, centred around controlling the Tower.

There would be multiple ways to obtain points:

  • Seizing and Holding onto the Spot
  • Killing Players
  • Destroying Tree Root Crystals
  • Destroying Amplifiers
  • Killing Boss Monsters
  • Last Controlling Guild to Seize the Spot when the Time Runs Out

Most points should be gained through Seizing and Holding the Spot that would consistently tick upwards and provide points, then a large bonus could be given to the last controlling Guild, and additional points would be gained through the rest of the list. What this does is encourage playing the full hour, allows the ability to rank and reward Guilds based on performance, even if they aren’t first, allow for more strategy and alternative ways to play, for example this might encourage the defending Guild to risk sending parties out to destroy Tree Root Crystals, Amplifiers, and Bosses, all while centring the action around defending the Tower.

To prevent spawn killing and further focus action to the Tower, capping the points gained through killing for the non-controlling guild, or only allowing a certain % of points to come from killing could be implemented.

This would also work well with tracking stats for a leaderboard and achievements like I recommended previously.

Additional Feedback

  • Default the camera position to what it was sent to last time you were in a GTW instance
  • Remove Warpstone Functionality

My previous thread is here where I re-posted feedback I’d still like to be considered: