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Question on Fencer


I am a new fencer with around 33k max damage, overlord and fencer vv. I found that, compared to those fencer i found on youtube, I can’t do the thing they do like Tel Hersa 7 in 5 min or so, i am having issue even for stage 4.

So, would like to know is it because I don’t have ark and Dahlia, or is just be being noob (in which case, please help me on optimizing my character).

Gear makes a huge difference in this game. Also strongly depends on what the other two classes are you use (I assume Matador and Barb?).

Yup I am Fencer Matador and Barb. i do have glacia, overlord, vv and drakonas. So the only thing I can think of is probably missing Ark and Lucifier.

Just want to know why my gap to those on youtube is so huge, is it really due to ark.

Thank for your response.

Hello Hyperspeed,

Most of my omegaton damage comes from Ark so highly suggest get that first if you wanna contest or make your life a lot easier.

Thank you

Omegaton :rofl:

Thanks for the info, as suspected, Ark is the deal breaker.

Be sure to max your enhance art too, those can give a punch in your dmg.

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Do fencers use overload or channeling set? I see some fencers running the channeling set over the overload set. Not sure.

Channeling definitely works because pouncing is one of the hardest hitting skill plus one less key to spam every 1min :rofl: However, I am not sure if it is still viable after the coming patch in 2 months or so where pouncing no longer works with Epee i think.

I am using overload purely because of my luck with dark frag and is cheaper.

Do you by chance have a link to information on that patch?

I can’t link right now but it should be mid December from Ktos website.

Epee I think only scales with Pierce damage so Pouncing (Slash) won’t benefit with the final damage buff. ;(

12/10 Update 2 KToS

@donan Here you go; Google translate does an okay job if you don’t read Korean.

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