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Question on Fencer

for me, i got no other skill to put it. MAX Muletta bonus dmg buff only gives you extra 200k dmg. so i just placed it on Faena.

my rotation is usually. (Matador VVR)
ole, capote, corrida(good for maxing frenzy). composee, sept, fleche, balestra, paso doble, (usually that point composee already CD) then pouncing. AND if eveything is still in CD i use Faena. i always use faena as last resort.

but i mostly have different rotatons becuase i also use backstep n muletta.

Any Fencer with leventador level 4 can share their wbr damage? would like to know how much the new skill granted contribute to the overall damage. TQ

This is Silute’s top Fencer on WBR 50:
Link to the video if you’re interested:

where is that “Madness” skill from?

what kind of skill is that?

it’s the Luciferie Pyktis effect

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Thanks for the info. so is about 12% increase.

whAT are your thoughts with regards to
LV4 Levantador VS LV4 Banderilla

Levantador is superior to bossing?

I don’t play Fencer but Silute’s rank 1: Myz(LV4 Levantador) and rank 2: Ivka(LV4 Banderilla) switch rank quite frequently. So maybe both vvr are equivalent

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