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Question for Appraiser

After using the voucher of the appraiser class that I got from the event, what would happen? When could I advance to appraiser? I know this is somewhat stupid but please help me out. I’m a newbie. Thank you for the kind answers in advance. Peace :v:

It’s written in the Advancement Info when you click Appraiser.
“Available from the 2nd Advancement”

Nope its not available for me. I cant press the advance in the appraiser class.

Did you already use the voucher?
Can we see your F1 window?
What level are you now?

I already use the voucher and I could see unlocked: appraiser

hi there

you character must be able to advance class- that mean class lvl45


Ah yeah, perhaps you havent had your class exp full yet. The other bar opposite your level exp

Are you in the 2nd advancement yet? Meaning are you — Archer - 1st class (any, appraiser not allowed) - 2nd class (appraiser allowed)?