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Question about Scout cloaking 50%

So I just start a build recently and get my character to rank 4.
I’m confused about cloaking’s attribute which increase 50% damage for next attack.
Is it 50% for all damages or just AA? Since I want to build Rogue and sneak attack with cloaking. Thank you.

If I don’t get cloaking, can I have some comments about this build plz?

Any form of damage you deal will receive the +50% physical attack as long as it’s the first hit.

So if you used Cloak + Sneak Attack + BackStab would be great I guess, but only 1 out of the 2 hits Backstab does in one use will only receive the +50%

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should I replace rank 4 scout with ranger c2?

Hmm not sure, Because I rarely see this kind of Build.

My only Main Problem in this Build is the FletcherC1, I read somewhere that Fletcher C1 Isn’t worth it. Well I kinda agree with it due to my experience with my first failed character :joy:

But I might be wrong.

did you build rogue with fletcher?

Nope. I was Ar1 > R3 > Flet1 > Falc1 > Can. My Crossfire at Lv5 did a somewhat disappointing amount of damage for alot of mana. I wish I could go back in time and went FletcherC2 or ArcherC2 back then.

I think your build is fine just replace FletchC1 with something else.

The very first hit will only get the 50% bonus. Backstab does 2 hits per cast but it’s really just considered as 1 hit. It doesn’t matter either way though because this 50% damage bonus is just 50% of your patk added to the final damage output.

Example you got 1000 physical attack and your Backstab did a total of 40k. Backstab becomes a total of 40500 instead.

That’s why there’s literally no reason to take Scout C1 unless you want Cloaking for proper positioning on Burrow or just want the class for it’s utility.


i was wondering does the 50% apply to skill damage as well, if like what dream has said, than if a fletcher uses magic arrow while invi, than the damage output looks great

No, it does not. It gives a bonus 50% of your physical attack (base + weapon attack) only.

BUT, there is a catch; it only applies to the very first hit of skills, or basic attack.

Also, It is MORE likely that this 50% multiplier is applied at the very beginning of the damage formula because it’s a physical attack modifier (aka, right before calculating skill damage (aka, at the very very beginning)). This is what I believe anyways compared to the common belief that it simply adds a 50% of your physical attack at the end.

One reason, [Damage Guide] The big formula, modifier types, and how they interact! this specifically says Cloaking is an attack modifier, but the only thing is that there is no indicative sign to tell any normal person where it’s applied to. my assumption is that we need another T# specifically for effective attack only.

Either way, the bonus increase of the damage is almost nearly the same if it’s applied at the very beginning or at the very end. No one will be able to confirm which one is correct unless someone is willing to get to max level with max gear and test out a skill with a low base damage.

As my position currently stands on Cloaking, it’s better if you have high attack and low skill damage (and I am very certain that this is the correct way Cloaking is calculated). However, it’s flaw is that it’s only for one hit. The best skill to take advantage of cloaking would be spiral arrow.

p.s. is there nothing preventing people from necro’ing? Like geez, what’s the rules on necos? Is there even any rules about it?

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[quote=“EternalDream, post:1, topic:118950”]Examples are Pommel Beat on stunned targets, Cloaking’s attribute, or Shield Charge.

It’s very simple really. It doesnt add just “50% of your attack” at the end of the skill calculation, because that would be pretty useless, but it makes your attack within the formula act as if you have 50% more than what you really do.

For example, say you have 100 attack, a strike skill with 100 power, landing a critical hit (with no critical attack) on a plate mob with 50 defense.

Without cloaking:
((100 + 100) - 50) * 1.5 * 1.5 = 337.5

With cloaking (so your 100 attack acts as 100 + 50% = 150):
((100 + 150) - 50) * 1.5 * 1.5 = 450

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Yeah, that’s what I thought it did. A lot of people seem to believe cloaking damage bonus is applied at the very end like blessing though…

it would be very good for cannoneer cannon blast