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Question about add. dmg. and dmg resistance and drama about chaplain xD

First, this post will be difficult to understand cuz my english is bad, so, good luck =)

What I understood about add. dmg. the stats add. a fix value in your final dmg. which can’t be defended.
So add. dmg. resistance can defend add. dmg.? cuz I tried to use in monsters, and my add. dmg. resistance didn’t works.

I thoght that the dmg were be same the value from Add. Dmg. but don’t is. For a example, my dmg is 3.480 and I have 1,166 add. dmg, so my dmg was go to 4,763, so your bonus is 1,283 add. dmg. The value has a gain of 10%

So if you have 20,000 add. dmg. your gain will be 22,000 in your atks. if I’m sure.

But the question is, why do we have this system if it is horrible to scale, I mean, today is very easy to got with a skill and booom, 10,000,000 damage, the cap. max … and to looking for this stats requires a lot of sacrifice, we usually look for an ichor of STR/INT/CON/DEX/SPR/Critical Rate/Evasion/Attack against “X”, sacrifice one of these stats for per add. dmg. it seems crazy … but let’s say we’re in the wonderland, the most we can get is …

Neck: 5,000
Brac.: 22,500
Armor ichors: 4
Mace and Shield: 2*1,489
Binatio: 19,200
Vaivora Chaplain: 1,500
Skia.: 2,261
Red Card: 150
Purple Card: 30
Fire Enchant: +/- 7,000 (don’t work in weekly boss)
Blessing Shop: 3,300 (don’t work with vaivora chaplain)
Total: 49,595 +10% = 54.554

Double Punch (add hit dmg.): +2 hits
Aspergillum: +1 Hit
Last Rite: +1 Hit
Sacrament(shop): +1 Hit
Fire Enchant: +1 Hit
Cafrisun Set: +1 Hit (lol, I’m kidding)
Total: 6 hits

6hits x 54.554 = 327.324

Well, it is very hard to reach that value and you can just use a Bloosom skill and get 10kk easily, or crusader. Okay that add. dmg ignores the defense, but it’s still a VERY high sacrifice to reach that value. It’s a very poorly worked status where you don’t feel your character grows.

It’s funny, cataphract will has a vaivora that will buff the rush a lot of, increasing the ratio by 100% and give 2x hits of 24,000% and while the Vaivora chaplain the auto attack factor can grow up to 1,000% BUT, wait there, is 1% for every 100 add. dmg. that is, remember our calc? 48.095-3.300 = 44.795, remember that blessing doesn’t count(maybe be is a bug, great news…), that is, the gain is *447% in the AA factor, and it is really difficult to reach that value. While the SR, just gains + 200% in the fact of AA and + 40% atk speed, it’s comic, I really don’t understand what NEXON/IMC wants to do with the chaplain ._.

In real world your AA buff will be about (binatio 19,200 + vaivora 1,500 + Fire Enchant. I guess about 4,000 = 24,700) +247% auto atk factor.

*if you have Double Punch lvl 15 your calc will be (2x318%)+447% = 1.083%

The new chaplain’s art is good, but it goes against the character’s proposal

Another thing is funny, Monk/Inquisitor/Zelot are physical and the chaplain is magical, so… I need to do physical or magicial? the reply is obvius, ADD. DMG.!!! xD

An interesting art would be while Paraclitus Time is activated , you can attack while moving, that would make the class MORE attractive.

I love the chaplain, but it is hard to make it playable to do content more difficult, the class is very expensive to make the class “playable”…

When I see other vaivoras or the arts of the other classes, more I see that NEXON/IMC don’t know what to do with the chaplain, chaplain is a duck, flying, walking and swimming, but it’s horrible in all three things…

for me the stuff has your favorite class, and don’t give attection for others classes

I honestely don’t know what that NEXON/IMC can do for the chaplain

details, Aspergillum is unique skill that has “enhanced upgrade” why the others skills don’t has? They has afraid that chaplain can be overpower? hahah xD

Or add. dmg. is a great stats and I can’t see it?

You can stack Visible Talent with Ataka or Emphatic Trust

Craplain is in the trash bin balancing limbo because its built around the worst gimmick in the game (melee basic attacking)
Judging from the latest chaplain arts, they might go for a paradigm shift on chaplain and make it into something less garbage.

Add. damage is also a joke except perhaps for extremely well-invested SRs with the Pridetti karaliene, but even that remains to be tested, since nobody really dares waste 4 archstones on a potential piece of garbage.

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Chaplain é uma desgraça, a unica build que presta ao meu ver é a magica com int/added dmg/con/critico em TUDO, vaivora do chaplain e uma adaga wastrel com um over fudido, pra pegar bastante added dmg. Eu uso Sadhu pela art de cloth, 25% do seu ataque magico vira added dmg e enfiei kabbalist no meio pra pegar os 20% de ataque mágico. Com tudo isso, Binatio lvl16, legend tantalizer lvl4, 3 cartas vermelhas da Yena e 3 roxas Yekub lvl 10 e enchant fire, o máximo q eu pego é 47713. Quiser ajuda com algo me chama la no tos, DaZonas, um dos 3 chaplains do server :tired:

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Interessante, não sabia q o sadhu tinha essa arte, mas vc ja testou com druid? pelo que me lembro ele aumenta o dano nos status do F1, e é 40%

fiquei sabendo agora q o chaplain vai levar balanceamento, mas sinceramente, não faço ideia do q eles podem fazer pra deixar a classe menus inutil

chaplain é aquela class de amor e odio :hey:

Just to fix up the misinformation.

Double punch counts as 2 hits when attacking things, however the added damage bonus is not counted as 2 hits. Added damage with double punch is just 1.1 of what the added damage would be. For example if you hit something with 1,000 added damage with a normal single hit, double punch will hit 1,100 added damage.

Last Rites and Sacrament stack, so having them both will not give you 2 hits, only 1 combined hit.

So altogether in actuality the added dmg works with the number of hits you would have would be:

Double Punch: +1.1 Hits
Double Punch (add hit dmg at 50%): +1
Aspergillum: +1 Hit
Last Rite + Sacrament(shop): +1 Hit
Fire Enchant: +1 Hit
Total: 5.1 Hits

Visible Talent stacks ANY damage done from an AA, including procs.

you dint saw? full swift predetti some guy but his build is cors sin :rofl:

sacrament from shop works with Last Rite =)

Blasphemy! We will never agree on this :laughing: Chaplain’s main purpose is AA. There are enough magic caster classes anyway. At the same time you also just got magnus so… :crazy_face:

I would be so angry if Chaplain wouldn’t be AA anymore… But I don’t think that could be the case. I mean they said balance patch not rework… XD …and that would be too drastic to just call balance…but with imc we never know so…

That’s true… In pvp it’s somewhat good tho but only because noone stacks add dmg resistance… In pve its a joke…It should be multiplied by like… 10 times at least… But it feels like the whole add dmg system should be scrapped…

Yeah that would be nice.

It’s interesting that ppl start to talk about chaplain before the balance… :smiley: I mean I rly don’t know what to expect so I’m more in a waiting phase.
What I kinda hate is that imc is rly bad at the “cost vs efficiency” when they balance classes. Like if I compare SR and Chaplain… why is SR stronger in general when it’s a ranged class? I know it is more complicated but I do feel like there is some unfairness between SR and Chaplain…
But there is zealot too where… I think zealot is strong but the “cost vs efficiency” is not rly right imo with its skills…etc

Since when is there a combined hit? They not stack at all afaik.

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I dont think melee basic attacking will ever work, youre basically losing DPS every single second youre not in the face of the boss being stuck in animation from basic attacking. At least SR can attack while repositioning, or while doing mechanics that arent literally in the face of the boss.

That’s what i mean that they are bad at “cost vs efficiency”. I think chaplain either should deal much more damage or be tankier.
Like even other melee classes don’t have to facetank a boss as much as a Chaplain… they just hop there to use some skills then go away…
So it should be obvious that Chaplain need more defensive mechanics imo…
But more damage would be fine too… then I could somewhat have more room to run away time to time. ( I think I would prefer the defensive tanky chaplain tho )

On the other hand what’s sure for me is that it is not something that can’t be handled… i actually never understood when ppl just say delete this or that when it’s always just a question of some right balancing.
I do see tho that imc is struggling with these too but I don’t understand that either… XD

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Balancing around planned downtime can be dangerous since it is not all content in the game that has the exact same required downtime or any downtime at all (like CMs or Bernice and similar style content)
Making Chaplain tankier could allow you to be on the offensive more often yeah, but on some raids, mechanics that dont have any influence from tankiness can be applicable, but they can also not. So its kind of situational balancing that depends on current content, and that is really hard to balance properly and keep balanced for the future.

Sidenote: Its not like the game is that balanced in the first place, so it doesnt really matter. Im just arguing from a utopian perspective lmao

I see what you mean… I’m maybe too optimistic in this case. But anyway I still feel like there has to be a way… :smile: Well… for now let’s wait what the balance brings I guess.

Some ideas I have in my mind

Last Rites:
You can ignore def and mdef when you use AA
3% per lvl

ok, just add more skill factor

+1% minimum critical chance per lvl when you use AA

Deploy Cappella:
When active increases your ratio(+10 per lvl) and AoE(lvl*0,5) of basic atk

Paraclitus Time:
When active Paraclitus Time with Double Punch, you can atack while move
and resistant to knockback and knockdown

Visible Talent:
you become invincible for 1 seconds and after when active for 10 seconds reduce damge you take in -15% per lvl and 1% lifesteal each AA.

Vaivora mace sacred works with Aspergillum and no more Binartio

so you can build two aways, if you want ignore def from monster or inflict more critical atacks :distinguished:

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For example, if you use Chaplain-Monk-Zealot, see this attribute… Works? I don’t think so…

I’m playing Monk-Chaplain-Zealot and it’s working just fine. It’s actually a really good build with probably unrivaled mobbing.

Bossing gets a little iffy because you have just about no mobility and only 0.5s of i-frames, but insane mobbing capability.

I’m not running additional damage on this character, but I have run additional damage and you can stack it very high. Right now my Last Rites (10/15, 0/100, 0/30) gives +15,810. Enchant Fire is about another 1,300, my Binatio (1/15, 0/100, 0/30) is 800, Sacred armor VV is another 1500, and I have 250 from a random awakening. Without trying I have 19,660 add attack.

Just by getting my attributes to 100 and doing nothing else, I’d have about 29626 add damage. With a player shop Blessing (3700) and Sacrament (3231) I’d have 36557.

I can get even more through assisters, awakenings, ichors, redistributing my skill points, and arts. I think it’s probably reasonable to assume you can get maybe 45-50k additional damage without crazy effort.

With a VV giving you 500% more sfr x2 + 50k damage a hit is pretty good. Considering aspergillum hits 49 times and Energy Blast, about 18 times, that amount of non-mitigated additional damage is actually pretty good too.

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Speaking of AA builds, look at Taglio skill of Ardito, it is basically like normal attack while mobile and the range is kind of good. If IMC can somehow copy the mechanic of Taglio to Chaplain’s Binatio, that would be great. I have a Kara prediti set, with high STR and DEX stats because of Ark Swift and Savi Dysnai full gears and did some math over how much a Chaplain could get with additional damage and it reached around 80k more or less additional damage.

Haha, just wait for the next kTest patch to come. The next few classes to be re-balanced are Chaplain and Monk, and the people handling the patches for these recent set of re-balances on this latter half of the year seem to be a little competent.

The consensus of these patches seem to be mostly positive, so I’m having high hopes for the upcoming re-balances (and hopefully not be let down for the umpteenth time).


Last Rites is an additional property hit not additional damage. That’s why ppl don’t max it. Binatio gives add damage.

As I heard Blessing also not counts as add damage (what is weird because it even acts the same…) but maybe I’m wrong I never checked it myself.

That’s not possible…or you are just speaking of the overall fixed damage you get out of skills and stuff but that’s not add damage… that won’t be counted in your vaivora mace.

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I’m enjoying my monk a lot and I don’t have end game gears (seal / ark / karaliene/capped attributes). If I can solo through CM 6 shelter without a problem without even a seal, I’m looking forward to them buffing Monk AGAIN and chaplain as well.

Something weird seems to be happening. I remember them showing up in F1, but I just checked using the buff shop and it didn’t update my window. I don’t think Blessing gives an additional line though, so it should just be additional damage. I’m not playing additional damage on my monk so you may be right about the other points, but getting 50k doesn’t seem unreasonable.

If they can fix the Energy Blast Nirvana bug and also update its lazy coding, that’ll be great. IMC and the kToS playerbase seems dead-set on pairing Chaplain and Monk together, so its rather easy to assume the kind of buffs IMC planned for Chaplain (Monk is more of the wild card here).

Even though Chaplain is considered the defining class for the auto-attack cleric playstyle, focusing on raw attack and going Monk (or Druid Demi-Lycan scratching for that first line damage) while using Saint Oath + Swift Ark + Pyktis seems to give more damage at less cost, complication and hassle than investing in additional damage, thus making Chaplain’s role in the overall damage minor compared to the rest.

There are ways to fix the melee auto-attack playstyle (I’m sure everyone has their own ideas on how to as well, so its not that ideas are lacking), hopefully the upcoming patch will address such issues and more.