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Quarrel Shooter's quarters (or how do we salvage QS after Re:build)


Hello, if you’re a seasoned player who loves the idea of a somewhat defensive archer this is the perfect place for you. We had a great times until now with our beloved Running shot but this times are almost over, we must have fun with it for as much as we can but prepare for Re:build to come and with it the loss of our iconic skill.

These are the changes to our skillset

  • Running Shot removed.
  • Shield Mastery: Quarrel Shooter attribute removed.
  • Deploy Pavise bleed chance now locked to 100%, and the Bleeding Chance attribute has been removed. The duration of the Pavise is now locked at 30 seconds. New attribute added: halves the duration and block count of the Pavise, but gives all nearby allies +10% block penetration, and gives only you immunity to knockdown/knockback.
  • Scatter Caltrops Duration attribute removed. The base duration on the skill has not changed.
  • Stone Shot cooldown increased (10 -> 15 seconds). Stun duration now locked at 4 seconds and does not scale with skill level. It has a new line to state stun chance in the skill description, but never changes from 0%, so likely bugged.
  • Rapid Fire cooldown decreased (25 -> 20 seconds). Reduce Critical Resistance attribute removed. Now caps at skill level 15.
    -New skill: Kneeling Shot , taken from Archer. Now caps at skill level 1. Provides a 15% increase in attack (instead of flat), 35 range (same as old maximum), and 30 attack speed (old level 1 value). Critical Rate and Precise Attack attributes removed. Enhance attribute now provides 0.5% increase to the attack gain with 100 levels.
  • Teardown cooldown decreased (50 -> 45 seconds). Overheat decreased (4 -> 3). Teardown Statue attribute removed, but the skill now has the functionality by default.

-New skill: Block and Shoot .
For 5 minutes, you have increased block (20% per skill level). Any time you block, your attack afterward is a guaranteed critical strike. Caps at skill level 5. Cooldown is 1 minute.

followed by these changes

  • Scatter Caltrops now inflicts the Slow debuff instead of a generic reduced movement speed debuff.
  • Block and Shoot now provides a buff upon blocking. Your next attack will change this buff to a 3 second buff that provides +50% damage for all attacks made within those three seconds.

notable attributes:

  • Parvis’s defense time and duration is reduced by half
    Block penetration of nearby ally increases by 10%, and the installer of the parvis is knockback / knockdown immunity
  • SP consumption increased by 50%
    Level 5 or higher
  • In [knealing Shot], the chance of a critical strike of Canonie
    1% increase per property level
  • Increased critical strike rate Skill: Cannon Blast, Cannon Shot, Shoot Down
    Shizz Burst, Cannon Boar

you can find a skill calculator with details here(KR)

so now we have to find a new playstyle based around blocking with xbow+shields, the only videos i’ve found about rebuild qs is this

so we can start from here, seems quite effective but maybe not very engaging/active, any ideas so that we can start discussing over it?


I’m not sure about how Block and Shoot is working. Can you block without a shield (I read that on Ktos thread I guess) ?


What do you think about Masinos Xbow?
+297 lightning property attack and +3,000 bonus damage. Would a DoT-focused build work with it? Archer-QS-Wugu-??? for example… Maybe with Fletcher? Most of the damage would come from your boosted DoT ticks (Blessing, bonus elemental attack, bonus damage from Masinios Xbow and so on). With the new effect provided by Block and Shoot, that may be interesting in regards to overall DPS while being tanky.


The 3000 damage is applied as an additional line to AA, so I doubt it affects DoT.
But for masinios xbow, I’m mainly interested in a Lv 7 Block and Shoot; along with block potion, it could potentially guarantee you an ever-refreshing +50% damage buff in crowded situation like CM. That alone is huge enough.