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Quarrel Shooter Changes

I want to love the QS, but it’s just bad in it’s current form.

It does not have enough good skills to make it a class worth going into. Unless you want to waste at least 9+ points. It tries to be the; “look at me, I’m a defensive xbow guardsman but I also synergise with cannon, kinda”.

It doesn’t work with Xbow because the offensive skills are just trash.
It doesn’t work with cannon because you have only 3 (4 if you constantly weapon swap) skills that are usable.

These suggested changes do not consider PvP content. Obviously numbers are just a place holder with guestimated balance.

Increase damage to 1035% damage (Max rank)
Reduce cooldown to 15 seconds
Reduce heat to 2
Reduces HP of friendly installation by 30% instead of destroying them.

New Attribute:
-If wielding a shield; applies fear to all nearby enemies.
-If wielding no shield; increases damage to enemies by 50%.
Increase cooldown to 25 seconds

Kneeling Shot
New attribute:
PlaceholderName: Applies the effect of bazooka while kneeling. Requires Bazooka.

Scatter Caltrops
Max rank: 5 (Down from 15)
Throw count: 8 + (skill level -1) *3
Damage: 150 + (skill level -1) *25
New Attribute:
PlaceholderName: Enemies hit by caltrops under the effect of fear refreshes the fear duration and makes the enemy immobile.
Increase SP cost by 10%

Block and Shoot
Increase block percent chance by 20 + (skill level -1) * 20, OR block rating by (charlvl * 0.3) * (skill level). which ever is highest is applied.
Damage bonus only granted if wielding a shield. Damage buff is removed upon weapon swap.

New attribute:
PlaceholderName: While you wear a shield you become immune to stagger/knockdown/knockback. Your stamina will be drained by 1 point per stagger or 15 points per knockdown/knockback you would have received. When you are reduced to 1 stamina you are no longer immune.
Does not drain stamina if within range of Deploy Pavise: Aiming Sight.
Note: Multiple staggers within 0.2 seconds count as one stamina drain proc. Knockdowns/knockbacks within 1 second count as one stamina drain proc. This is to avoid instant 100% stamina drain.

New skill “Survivalist” (Generic name I know)
Rank: 5 points
1.5 sec cast time.
Restores 0.5% HP and SP for every 1% missing over 10 seconds. (Max rank)
Restore 10 durability on equipment that are below 5 durability (Only applies to each piece of gear once per blacksmith repair).
2 Min cooldown
0 SP cost

Survivalist Attributes:
Panic: Character heals instantly to 25% HP if he would be incapacitated. Skill no longer grants SP. 20 minute attribute cooldown.
Quickness: Removes cast time and heals instantly but reduces effects by half.

Stone Shot
502% damage (Max rank)
Hits enemies close to the target: AoE attack ratio: 6* charAR
Reduce cooldown to 10 seconds
Reduce heat to 3
Can be used with cannon, musket, Xbow.

New attribute:
Brittle Stone: Removes stun effect. Shrapnel flies off the target, hitting enemies within 100 range dealing 100% damage and applies bleeding.
Increase SP cost by 100%
Reduce heat to 1

Rapid Fire
Reduce cooldown to 5 seconds.
160% damage x6 (Max rank).
50% increase damage to targets under fear.
Can be used with cannon, musket, Xbow. (Bow can suck a D)

Apply different effects based on weapon used:
-Cannon: Each shot explodes hitting enemies close to the hit target: AoE attack ratio: 6* charAR.
-Musket: Knocks back any enemy hit and apply fear to 4 enemies within 50 range of the hit target. Removed fear damage increment.
-Xbow: Pierces targets within 200 range and Increase damage the closer an enemy is. enemies at 200 range or greater receive x1 damage. Enemies at 50 range or closer receive x3 damage.

The logic behind these suggestions:
-Usable in conjunction with other classes.
-Keeps the use of a shield relevant to the class.
-Makes Xbow hopefully deal some damage while not over-tuning other classes.

Suggesting doesnt work with imc. Just dont play this useless class.

Quarrel shooter is ok, but some skills should be touched a little bit…

Rapid Fire is trash and Teardown is too situational to be used (I rather have my shield up all the time than break it to be honest).

Pavise should be better too. It should really block missiles like Pneuma in Ragnarok or something like that.

Also it would help if you could use QS skills while you are in kneeling shot stance like Cannoner’s Bazooka.

Stone shoot is good now, but I think this skill should be usable with all kind of weapons.
Caltrops are nice.
Block and shoot is amazing. Tank archer ftw

I really don’t think QS is “okay”. It’s a complete mess of a class.

Imagine if musket or mergen had half of their abilities usable only with a sword. You’d have some decent abilities still, but the class wouldn’t function. That is QS.