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Psychokino synergies that will save the game

Psychokino has a few synergies with classes such as Cryomancer and Onmyoji, but compared to other classes in the wizard tree, it feels like it’s its own thing with very few synergies. I especially think it should work together better with Chronomancer, Sage and Shadowmancer due to their themes of manipulating time, disabling enemies, putting debuffs on them, etc.

Here are some suggestions from my side that I hope will be considered:


Attribute (Psychokino): If you have Sage in your build, all Sage attack skills will bypass 2% of the enemies MDEF per level. Max level: 10

Attribute (Chronomancer): If you have Psychokino in your build, there’s a 5% chance enemies will drop Time Crystals and Time Crystal Fragments per level. Max level: 5

Attribute (Sage): If you have Psychokino in your build, Swap and Raise will affect double the amount of enemies per skill level. Max level: 1

Attribute (Shadowmancer): Reduces the cooldown of Shadow Pool, Hallucination Shadow Fetter and Infernal Shadow by 5 seconds each, if your build includes one of these classes: Psychokino, Chronomancer, Sage, or Cryomancer. Cannot be stacked. Max level: 1

Attribute (Wizard): Teleportation will teleport you to a random location on the map you’re currently in, if Sage is in your build. Teleportation distance is disabled and you can appear anywhere on the map. Max level: 1

Attribute (Cryomancer): Frozen enemies will have a 5% chance per level to have critical hits apply as double hits, if hit by Psychokino, Shadowmancer or Sage attack skills. Max level: 10

Skill Synergies

Pass: During Pass’s time travel sickness buff, Psychic Pressure’s area of effect increases by 25% and becomes a circular shape around the caster.

Quick Cast: While Quick Cast is active, all Sage, Cryomancer and Psychokino attack skills with damage cycles will deal 20% less damage, but the their damage cycles will be reduced in half. (Example: Micro Dimension: 0.3 > 0.15 seconds, etc.)

Stop: You will be able to use Psychokino, Sage, Cryomancer and Shadowmancer skills on effected enemies.

Frost Pillar: If Slow is applied on enemies, Frost Pillar will have a pull-in effect on such enemies.

Micro Dimension: If Shadow Pool is cast on top of Micro Dimension within 3 seconds, you will recover 5% of your Max HP every 0.5 seconds during Shadow Pool’s duration.

Heavy Gravity: If used on enemies effected by Infernal Shadow, it will deal additional 50% damage on all enemy types.

Magnetic Force: If used while Hallucination is active, Magnetic Force will be cast immediately again after the first one ended by your Hallucination.

Magnetic Force: If used while Blink is active, Magnetic Force will be cast immediately again after the first one ended by your Blink Apparition.

Ice Pike: If enemies are effected by Shadow Fetter, Ice Pike will ignore 25% of their MDEF.

Ice Blast: Enemies affected by Lethargy will receive damage from Ice Blast regardless, if they’re frozen or not.

Ice Blast: If you have Psychokino, Sage, Chronomancer or Shadowmancer in your build, Ice Blast will ignore 50% of the enemies MDEF.

Subzero Shield: While Subzero Shield is active, Ice Blast and Ice Bolt will have a 50% chance to apply double the original hits.

Missile Hole: While Missile Hole is active, Gravity Pole will deal 50% additional damage to all enemy types.

IMO psychokino + sage + chronomancer should be a strong combination just like you said: manipulation of time/space/support + crowd control. But yeah … This isn’t happening atm.
We have elemental combinations like pyro + ele + tao and dark combinations such as wl + ff + but I think we should have a strong combination with a support/time-space control as well and I think IMC can do this. Let’s hope they care for it.