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Psy Teleport / Mergen Leap


Why Psychokino will have Teleport attribute and Mergen won’t have Leap attribute?



Is at least unfair not to benefit Mergen in the same way as psy, since the relationship with the skill change is exactly the same

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I hope IMC realize how stupid they are being at NOT giving any “Dev’s Notes” on the patch itself, as they do on kTOS/kTEST.


Probably the idea was something like: “Archer’s kit is not that useful to much of its classes, so we need a new skill to give an option. And Mergen, a damage-focused class, is ‘wasting’ a lot of his skills points in an escape button.”.

And maybe the same interaction with Teleportation but with a twist: “Psychokino is a PvP class. And, by losing its exclusive access to Teleportation, it will lose power. So let’s give an attribute to make Teleportation better for it.”.

I liked it. We deserve a proper answer, tho.


I’m sure the exactly 2 PVP mergens are going to seriously feel the hit to their ability to iframe twice.


pvp mergens… Do they even exist?


Because Kino skill was 2 OH. Yeah of course it would have been much simpler to put the 2 OH on Wizard, but why do simple when you can do complicated?

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So do Mergen (20 characters)


I would have been ok if Kino added more distance and Mergen added dmg as attributes instead of cutting one in half and removing the other completely :unamused:


How do you even reset the archer’s skill points to get the new skill?


@Kuro-pi go to klaipeda on far left below Onion-G Master is the reset NPC, talk to her and DO NOT SPAM her messages

Leap sucks soooooooooooooooooooooooo hard…

it giving me depression using it…

also the direction input on teleport sometimes doesn’t register…

it is just what I expected > Disappointment

But UI been unfuck makes me happy so it’s a good patch ::smiley:

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imc pls take this sh**y leap back untill you fix your game engine and restore my skill reset potion that i wasted on this crap.


Archer isn’t eligible for a reset with the NPC. Only appraiser and hunter from the archer class tree =/
I honestly just want to put a single point into it so I can smash roots for stamina and use it to immediately get out of battle again when I’m running through maps.


well I was lucky to be appraiser, but I find it weird base archer isn’t worthy of a reset…

Prob for the best, Leap doesn’t make me hop with excitement :pensive:

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Oh ok. Didn’t have time to test yesterday, because I had three wizards to reset first. And they are all eligible. And if you have another class in the tree eligible, you get TWO sets of attribute/reset potions so you can even get a free respec. If Leap is so crappy, I’ll leave my Mergen alone then. I didn’t skill Leap anyway with that character…

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You can get a free skill reset from their last video

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yes but where people use it…


The potion is char bound, and you cannot use it if you already gave it to another char… :man_facepalming:


Description of the video:

Link :…
:warning:The gift can be received only once per account and your email address must be linked to your Steam account until May 31th.

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Mergen jump shot was awful in that it’d bug sometimes and kept you in the same spot after the animation.

Archer leap is even worse, almost all the time it rubber bands you directly back to the original starting point, and doesn’t give you the disengage that it’s meant to do.

Does teleport suffer from the same issue?

It is from the god awful coding, but par for the course for this game.


I don’t use leap for battle, so it always gets the disengage for me. Serves the purposes that I wanted it for just fine.