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PSA: To all falconers, Tomahawk ART nerfed down -60%!

The reasons are:

  1. SFR buffed

    +1 skill lv= +3224% SFR

  2. Tomahawk ART 12.5%= 1/8 of normal SFR

    it hit 27 times per ENEMY
    27hit x 1/8 x normal SFR
    27/8=3.375 (lets round down to 3)
    3x normal SFR against EACH medium enemy
    45hit= 5x normal SFR against boss

  3. lets count tomahawk DPS, shall we?
    lv5 16121%
    with ART against medium enemy
    3x 16121% / 25secCD= 1934% (vanilla DPS without enhancement at all, already higher than spread shot lv6+lv100 enhancement DPS 1776%)
    +gem lv6 19345%
    3x 19345% /25= 2321%
    +gem+DM lv7 22569%
    3x 22569% /25= 2708%
    And this skill can be useful both as AOE and bossing too, no more wasted SFR because overlimit damage cap thanks to Tomahawk ART!

This patch really make Tomahawk become worthy as Falconerโ€™s Ougi

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They nerfed Tomahawk ART to oblivion!

  • The hawk descends all the way forward, leaving the flames for 5 seconds. Deals damage equal to 5% of the Tomahawk every 0.5 sec to enemies above the flame
  • [Fire debuff] is not given

Previously 12.5% =1/8
Currently 5%=1/20

lets recount tomahawk DPS again, shall we?
lv5 16121%
with ART against medium enemy
27hitx 1/20 x 16121% / 25secCD= 870% (previously 1934%)
+gem lv6 19345%
27/20* 19345% /25= 1044% (previously 2321%)
+gem+DM lv7 22569%
27/20x 22569% /25= 1218% (previously 2708%)

So think twice before you buy the now-inflated-price Tomahawk Gem in market!

New Tomahawk ART demo in CM stage 7

HWI Tos testing tomahawk at WBR

tomahawk with ART become 2nd highest DPS skill
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Cannon-Matross-Falco if i get it right, and the art tomahwk made it 2nd placeโ€ฆyeah i mean the CD reduction alone helps it very much even if the resulting SFR would be just slightly above the half of the orignal Tomawhawk, but it is still better than that

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Yea cd reduc cut in half alone means x2 dps wise so yeah the initial increase in SFR was a bit too much. No wonder it got nerfed

ah, sorry for my incomplete sentence. I mean in his WBR test, tomahawk become his 2nd highest DPS skill.
I forgot to calculate tomahawk ART against boss is 45 hit
lv 5 tomahawk 16121%
45 hit x 1/20 x 16121% div 25secCD= 1450% DPS
+60% from lv 100 enhance = 2320% DPS
+37.5% from lv 30 ART = 3190% DPS

the best thing about this ART is it make sure that all of that over 20k% SFR not censored by 10m damage cap and completely send thru the enemies
without ART, it will just be a simple 1x 10m damage + burning ticks

we got the same nerfed-but-official ktos version of the ART

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lets scorch the earth, falconers!

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lol at those inflated 10-50m tomahawk gem price in the market. Tomahawk gem is one of the easiest skill gem to farm, bat 1hit kill, respawn fast and dense populationโ€ฆ

For new boss design, this skill will not reach cap, everybossโ€™s def increase at least 100%.

what do you mean?

do you want every tick of tomahawk art reach 10million damage?

I mean first hit no longer reach cap, even 40k factor.

not really a problem, 42k% is still 42k% and every falconer prefer to use the ART version for even more stronger DPS

I mean that is big buff, before boss changes 42k same as 30k because the cap, now 42k have a big different.