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Problem with my multi-shot skill

Sometimes when I use multi-shot my arrows do not hit the target…instead, they hit the ground or an invisible object and are wasted. Are there any other bow skills that are bugged like that?

i… havent used multishot a long time ago, when you reach your 3rd job, you better use other skills than multishot

First of all I’m sorry for my bad English if you don’t understand what I’m saying.

Well, not all of Archer skills behave like that, only some of ground-targeting skill behave like that. Like Mergen’s Arrow Sprinkle skill, sometimes it hit all of the target in designated area and sometimes it does not. P.S : If you have the Mergen Arts then it will hit all target inside the area of effect.

u need falconer for skill like that, because falconer have skill that increase size hit box for monster

do you mean your multishot hit under the foot of a lonely target A but no damage shown?
-its a bug

or your multishot hit the area, but target A moved from it?
-target A evade it

or your multishot hit target A which surrounded by target B,C,D,E,F?
-you need more AOE Attack Ratio (AAR) stats for your multishot to hit all of them

sometimes the targeting system using mouse is buggy, i want to hit south, it hit northeast instead (especially spamming skills like fletcher crossfire)

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I’m getting Falconer for sure.

Good advice…thanks!

Just like I said: the arrows hit an invisible object, or the ground, before they reach the targets…doesn’t matter how any there are. Very weird.

are you casting multishot in a hurry? or max charged it and calmly cast? (Damage is same whether fully charged or not)
it could be the targeting is off/system registered the target location midway because of lag/hurry.

Well, i use fletcher magic arrow which behave like multishot (cast to the ground then forget), it behave normally

If you’re playing with keyboard/controller you might want to enable the auto-skill targeting in the options menu, but still, if you’re mashing the multishot skill without the auto-target it’ll cast at your feet, since that is a “free target” skill, you can just hold the key and free aim it at enemies

I’m playing with the mouse setting…definitely getting the red outline when I click #1 button.