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Price Check on Crafted Manamana

I’ve seen the recipes at 3.5M at the lowest.

What’s the appropriate price for a crafted one?
Thank you in advance.

Edit: … Oh you’re in SEA? probably becuz materials are scarce … maybe the gold?

yea, the gold is the hard part.
But i got 4 recipes and i plan to craft all of em.
Any idea how much of a price tag i should slap on it?

thx for replying btw.

actually I dont think you should focus on those items since I doubt any would buy them seeing we got free items at kedorans boxes … we’d outlevel the use of mana mana easily … maybe do a shoutout first and ask them if anyone is interested XDD

you might be wasting your time with it …

little to none will buy it
its a waste of time, megaphones or tax
that 3,5m guy, hes just another clueless guy

i guess you are all right; I’m just really curious on crafting it lul;
And maybe, people would want it because it looks cool for a pistol skin.
that being said, idk if the appearance can be extracted or not.

Thank you all for the reply!

it can be used as skin
but i dont think its look that cool in the first place so less to none will interested to waste weapon change material for that
i made small monies by selling trinity sword long ago cause its good skin
but then look at that incoming honor rose sword skin
same like how ppl used to love saw skin then they come up with halloween chainsaw

  • on top of it you will need the TP item to use it as a catalyst coz it’s not a TP weapon appearance skin…

well in the bright side you can craft them and some others to get white hair option and a title XDDD


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err, you can craft 100 BG and get white hair too

it can lessen his burden hahaha