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Price check my gem please. Thanks!

Please price check this gem. Thanks in advance.

I’d say trash/fodder gem

Here I thought Shrink Body is a great Thaumaturge skill bcoz it can lower Def/Mdef. Why am I always getting trash while others are so darn lucky?! Sheesh. More TP buying means more luck for the account?

if no one is pm-ing you when you try to sell in shout, it’s probably trash.

I thought they’re just being anti-social. Alright, I’ll take your word for it. I’ll just use it to upgrade my other gem. Thanks.

I thought it was expensive bcoz I’ve seen some gems for other skills at the market ranging from 20m-50m. Now I’m not sure if the players who placed those gems are for RMT or something else.

look for meta builds, the skills from meta builds are the ones that are usually high in price.
falc3-> pheasant/sonic strike gems are indeed expensive.

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Thank you very much.