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Post Has Been Removed

Post Has Been Removed

same, got stuck with this name since the beta

yeah, even really basic forums have the option to change your name


Post Has Been Removed

Post Has Been Removed

this is the are just too lazy to explore forum or never into forum or even SNS.what do you expect?video how to? guess why noone make it?because its simple and with little effort anyone can find how to even my 10 yrs old nephew.
with little effort i even google silly stuff like “how to change tos forum name” and hey, the first link lead to this

also, this is how to google

and where is this “edit” button mr. I know how to google?

In that old post says: “Profile>Preference>Username>Edit>Save Done!”

and guess what, there’s no edit button to change your username, only to change your profile picture, even in that same post from 2015 people mentioned most of users don’t have the option to edit their username, only their profile picture

Maybe you should use your abilities to google, and search how to read a post, and maybe send it to your 10 yrs old nephew as well

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wow, this “cant change forum name” is a serious s**t cause apparently many cant use forum
therefore imc should really put serious intention to it instead of just saying “do it in forum”
probably a 10 min video on yt will do
or for god sake tell people theres a limit in name changes



I never changed my username, and when i started to use the forum more frequently I wanted to change it, but I never could

anyone experienced with forum or sns stuff can learn that this forum not differentiate between username/address/handle and display name.
kinda old forum ms for a 2016 site tbh
in fact it seems lately they just fix its multisite user ms cause back then you can login as A in main site but B in forum lol
and thats when you should know this kinda forum wont let you change your “joint” username/address once you got into it
its funny they gave you greetings and little guide the first time you login
but you can still blame the discobot for not telling you to change username rightaway

to think that all replies here are sarcasm lol

unsurprisingly no they dont hahaha