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Popular Wizard PvE classes

Hey guys,

I want to play my wizard again but i cannot decide on which class set I want to play with. My preferences are sth like RuneCaster, Warlock Onmyoji etc., excluding classes who summon mobs or are elementally specific (aswell as chronomancer).

Im open to every class set up suggestions, would be nice, if you can post your skill build aswell.

I appreciate every help I can get!!! <3 <3 <3

Sincerly ProtoSlayer

Well, excluding all you mentioned, you ended up with Onmyoji, Rune caster and Elementalist, since warlock is only Dark type, you are contradicting yourself. There is only that combination following your parameters.

And what If you broke my parameteres a little bit?

Omyo - Warlock - Chrono

Mastema -> Yin Yang -> Pass -> Yin Yang

Rune Caster is garbage but you can also do Rune of Destruction -> Mastema -> Yin Yang -> Rune of Justice. Not as good though.

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Runecaster will have some buffs in the future. If I’m not wrong

  • Rune of Ice and Justice overheat increase to 2
  • Rue of Giant have a chance to proc Earthquake skill when jumping
  • Rune of Rock higher damage
  • Rune of Destruction lower CD

Of course I’m not sure how strong it would be when the changes come but its worth noting.

If you want to have Runecaster, one of the more popular builds (also a build for one of my sub) is a support DPS build which is Taoist - Runecaster - Chronomancer. Chronomancer for obvious reasons for party support especially with Pass, Taoist for single target DPS and Runecaster for more AOE DPS which will get stronger in upcoming patches. Elementalist is a very good substitute for Runecaster.

If you want Onmyoji, Psychokino is a very good pick to go with to boost Gravity Pole with Firefox Shikigami. Last option could be Taoist for single target DPS, or Pyromancer for the synergy with the 2 classes (although you will be lacking single target DPS)

If you want dark classes, Featherfoot and Shadowmancers are viable picks as they are also getting buffed in future patches. You probably would need to include some summon base classes into them because of how well they synergize with one another.

I actually did a guide for the competition few months back. Will see if I want to update it when the future patches hit.

Yeah, I play RC and it’s really bad atm. The changes look alright but I’m not sure it’ll be good until they change it some more. It works with chrono tao tho like you said, cause the armor shred makes CDC even more op.

Also in regards to firefox, it only increases crit chance, not crit rate (even though it tries to tell you differently) so you still need to have around 1000-1200 crit rate for it to do much vs bosses.

I strongly recommend against speccing for future patches tho. The RC changes can be a month or more away, and we don’t know when we get the dark wizard patches or ep 11 for that matter. But it’s easy to swap out classes so.

Also Rune of Giant change isn’t a buff or anything, it’s just weird lmao. It’s still a 1 pointer for run speed.

For firefox, I’m not talking about the crit buff, but the fact that Firefox Shikigami makes Gravity Pole very strong. You can pair Psychokino - Onmyoji with either Pyromancer and Cryomancer to make it work, although Cryomancer is probably the better option. Also, forget to add that Chronomancer has “Quick Cast” which makes Runecaster/Elementalist an even better match due to the casting time both classes have.

I included future patches because I’m not sure how easy it is for returning players or newcomers to earn class change points. RC changes are even longer than that because they just hit KTOS. I do hope it comes soon because every wizard I see now are running Pyro - Ele - Tao. It would be nice to see a variety of classes. I for one have a few builds in mind that I would like to try or switch to when the patch hits so I’m just sharing my thoughts regarding it.

Oh right there’s an attri for that on Firefox. :smiley: Never tried that so I’ll take your word for it.

Yeah I have some I wanna try too ^^ I’ll go necro-ff-cryo first when we get the ff and necro changes. Already have my sm-wlock-sorc prepared.

Funny thing I actually have a Warlock - Shadowmancer - Sorcerer(Marnox) right now as well. Glad to see someone that tries unconventional builds like me. Hope that the Warlock and Shadowmancer changes would make it better.

I only make builds I find interesting myself. ^^ I like trying to make things work rather than playing things that work. Unfortunately so far sm-warlock-sorc and ele-rc-omyo are my worst builds by far.

It is pretty underwheming. I play all wizard classes and no other build currently is up to par with Pyromancer - Elementalist - Taoist (my main).

I like to make different wizards based on different themes so that build is like my ‘Dark Shadow’ kind of build and I’m hoping it will get better. I don’t expect it to be top 5 but good enough to clear CM is fine. As of now my pure summoner build (froster lord summon) which everyone tend to look down on clears CM faster than many of my other sub wizards. Waiting for Elementalist buffs to buff up my 'Ice Mage Cryomancer - Elementalist - Taoist.

Also, so many changes in the next few patches but Sage remind as useless as it was before…They should just redesign the Sage icon into a Green Taxi

Maybe, but I think Sage gets a lot of good changes. It’ll be a lot better than it is now at least, but whether that means it’ll be viable or not is another question entirely. Ultimate Dimension will be a 30% damage buff that lasts like 7+ seconds or something and I think the new CD is pretty short.

I have a question for anyone who can answer:

Does cryomancer shield work when using a staff? How does this skill work?
And does cryomancer skills freeze bosses the same way Ele’s Hail does??

hello, im new here

where can i read future patches from KTOS?
thank you

The changes did make it better but personally if they wanted to make it a “support class” which is a green icon, they got to give it a lot more support options. People would probably use Sage because they wanted a portal mage but for someone to include Sage as a viable option purely for PVE content it would be hard.

Then again I don’t expect a utility class like Sage to be extremely strong in the support department. I feel they could rework the “duplicate” and “enlarge” aspects of it. For instance, make the “enlarge” attribute to be much bigger (like at least a 50% to 70% increase in radius) and let it affect more skills, while adding a higher cooldown penalty. Sage was great in the CCSage era with Missile Hole but now it lasts so short. The only Sage in the top 100 now is Sage - Chronomancer - Alchemist and I don’t know if anyone actually even plays this in PVE or they are just making 2 merchant classes in the same build

I’m not sure how viable are the other classes such as Squire and Pardoner in PVE content since I don’t really read much about other classes that aren’t wizards. Alchemists however do see more viability? I read somewhere that Heal/Mass Heal was nerfed and Alchemist’s heal for HP/SP could be somewhat valuable. Not sure how true is that but we will need to wait and see.

However, there are many patches hidden in the entire thread so you would need to scroll up and down to find them

I assume you meant the skill “Sub-zero Shield” which works even when you have a staff. The skill works exactly like how it is described in the skill description

If Ele’s Hail freeze bosses (not all but selected few like saalus and CM bosses for instance), Frost Pillar will do the same. All other freeze such as Ice Pike do not work on bosses. If you have both Frost Pillar and Elementalilst, this means you can rotate both skills to freeze bosses longer.


thanks for the answers! How bout sub zero shield and ice wall, can those freeze bosses??

Yes they can. Even the Amiss Dog can be frozen. Only exceptions are WBs and raid bosses.

I’m not sure if this is only since the new patch. But it seems that Hell breath does not proc Ice wall’s damage/ freeze effect??

It doesnt get triggered by any magic damage. You trigger it with hell breath when you have frieno, because hellbreath is huge, casts forever, and the frieno procs will hit ice wall and trigger it. But i think hellbreath also damages the wall without triggering any shards.

Any way I could use Ice wall efficiently in a Pyro>Cryo> Tao build???

Also dont know where to put remaining points: Ice blast, Ice pike or Ice bolt??

(Will be able to poison ice wall using the chance to poison card??)