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Poor gaming experience that caused issues

Server Name: Telsiai

Team Name: AngelicChocola

Character Name: DancerInTheDark

Bug Description :
This very poor game experience going to making so much players disappointed. Since earlier ticket I raised about the Poor Latency Gaming Experience that this game getting lag frequently, and what I received the feedback was patiently wait for the Optimization Patch.

While waiting such unknown patch come, I was going use Partis Solution on the Velcoffer Shield which consumed a lot of my time and blood to done in final (0 Potential +15 Trancended Stage 7) last night to enjoy coming re:build patch, the item was accidentally discarded without my actual willingness while I was trying to drag the shield into the Window for apply Partis Solution.

The sudden lag issue happened cause my action halted and the mouse cursor pointer was exact the position that it clicked YES button immediately on the warning message without my willingness.

Such a issue I raised another ticket but the feedback extremely can’t be accepted. What I hope is just return me the same item back so that I can enjoy the event. I really cannot accept such gaming experience that while I trying to drag item into another window the item still able to be discarded. The only screenshot I have was just the item discarded and I was screaming for NO!!! in guild chat.

I tried to access TOS again to try to take a screenshot to prove it exists from the Guild Chat that I ever posted it last night, but it seems the chat always bugged that I found it… The lock item feature was such a useless feature for players who gonna to continue improving the item, and then can be accidentally drop out of the target window.

Could IMC please return me back the item since I was already in patient to wait your optimization patch?! I really cannot accept such a feedback to avoid your job need to be done to players.

This is the year that I raise most tickets since I joined 2016. The entire game experience was keep dropping and dissatisfying.
I hope this is the last thing I raise publicly.
Thank you.

Screenshots / Video :

i know how you feel.
i had the same issue like you did with my velco mace.
mine was at guild hideout during the 12 oc reset where the server and NPCs will experience a lag due to reset.

they never replied to any of my messages. (happened on sept 18, the messages was not even read)

i ended up having to suck it up. i lost major interest in playing and only did dailies then log off.

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I don’t hope receive again such a feedback similar like the Ticket I raised about Velcoffer Raid runs that 1 instance not consumed.

The instance not consume issue I gave up since IMC feedback to run it again?!
Now I don’t hope receive such feedback again to take my time to make another one!!

You can just right click the item to add it to the window. There’s no need to drag the item and such an issue could occur in any game if you make this mistake. Server latency also has nothing to do with any potential “lag” that could cause the client to freeze, nor would it freeze your mouse even if it did happen.

Furthermore, you can add the item to the window even if it is locked. There was no need to unlock the item before putting it in the window.

There is no “need.” If you made a mistake, it really is unfortunate, but they have no need to so. This is not a fault of the game.

Runs are only consumed if you receive a cube. If your run was not consumed for some reason (which I’m not sure how could have happened, as myself and others have run the instance hundreds of times without this occurring), then yes, the best answer would simply be to run it again. For IMC support to manually do many checks to determine you did the run and manually edit your character’s state, add items, etc… too much potential for something to go wrong. No game would do this, this is not exclusive to Tree. The same could be said about restoring discarded items… this is not something usually done in any free MMORPG.

IMC has already stated that they have no plans to restore your item, so posting here won’t accomplish anything. Your only chance is to ask them again via support ticket, but they’ve made their stance fairly clear already.

unfortunately they wont return your item, happened to me too (I didn’t discarded, it was dismantled)
according the staff they don’t have the means to recover our items which is weird because kTOS have this service

Although you said we can just right click the item to apply it into the window for Partis Solution, but there were still a lot of things that imc seems never implemented nicely such like the NPC to extract ichor… it does makes me got the habit to drag and drop. Whose know there is really a description right click can put the item onto particular window.


the item didnt vanish its just invisible on the inventory, after playing around with hide and show option in the inventory i could find them but again its a nasty bug