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[Poll] Server EU/SEA : good compromise?

That’s a really good point I didn’t think about…

Maybe IMC could enable TP transfert for this time only if they are reluctant to allow it once the game is launched.

About SEA server, when Playone Asia decide to bring it for SEA server, I wonder why IMC not allow it ?

I don’t really know what is the situation for SEA players, but if IMC already have some legal bounds with Playone Asia, they might not be able to talk about it with this publisher.
In the meantime, it is really weird to expect SEA players to start playing on iTos than starting over with Playone Asia server.

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Before anyone continues wondering about server transfers:

Dont expect any. They have said before that you cant transfer characters between servers (although i cant find it now), their FAQ also mentions that you can’t exchange anything between servers. So unless they clearly say they will allow such a thing, it is better to assume they won’t.

i dont see the point of this poll. will i be ok? yes i will be, why would anyone NOT be ok?

I agree, but people are asking for EU server for the exclusive access (supposedly starting in a few days), which is harder to expect than an one time transfert (adding a special value to the founder pack).

Why not again ? :innocent:

@GrandTickler Because some people are asking for the EU server to happen right at exclusive access, which will probably never happen. Also, we now know IMC is “thinking” about it, so why not bring our own argument.

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EU server need transfer system. It would be great if I will pay, start playing on Laima and when EU server will come out I could transfer character and stuff to EU, like all of us.

Not really, because if you are going to consider their “reconsideration” as a hope of future server transfers, you also have to consider that they agreed that the time divide of exclusive access isn’t fair. Any assumption that they will allow transfers is a bigger stretch than the reverse. But keep in mind that if they indeed allow server transfers, any future new server including EU would suffer from very clear unbalance to people that want to start in a fresh environment.

That poll is nonsense as if most of non EU players will vote there and of course as EU players majority will vote for yes.

1 month gap isn’t the same as 3 months …

It seems that the founder only server isn’t a thing anymore. IMC will open 4 servers like during iCBT, so the new players for OBT won’t be starting in a fresh environment.

If IMC do open an EU server without transfert, low-lvl map will be a cluster of founder and free players, not a good thing.

EU founder players are probably going to pay more than NA founder players, as I expect a flat conversion from $ to € (and I don’t particularly mind), but playing with 100-200 ms more isn’t fair as well.

If founder money help opening an EU server sooner, I’m not sure free-players will be mad to see those founders on their server.

Again, the transfert should be one use only, and why not limited in time.

This is why I talk about a compromise.

@blackmagicstd I can’t restrict NA players to vote, even if I could, I wouldn’t. Someone can troll-vote once, so what… The point is to suggest a compromise with IMC, as many non-NA players ask for non-NA servers asap. Maybe there could have been a better way to express myself in the poll, I haz franch no tolking verry gud anglish :innocent:

Founder only servers never were a thing. They never specified that.

Founder exclusive access time is just that, after that time it would be unfair to them to treat founders like special costumers. It’s asking too much. You paid for that time and you got it, after that you will have to be content with VIP and playing like the rest of the people.

Besides, they haven’t said anything about having EU servers for founders or not, but if you want to assume they will add 4 servers from the start, you can for sure expect them to be in different regions.

Anyway, you are hoping for server transfers only because you fear they wont add EU at the start. That fear is unfounded because they haven’t confirmed anything. So just wait and see…

Obviously, if EU server is added right at the beginning of exclusive access, there is no troubles at all, but I seriously doubt it as it’s supposed to start on March 22th (in a few days).

Founder servers was a thing, search for it. What I meant by only, wasn’t a restriction imposed, but a natural thing.

I assume they will open 4 servers (located in Virginia, NA), because it was the case for the iCBT.

Definetely not, otherwise IMC would have told us so way before, EU server isn’t a recent question.

I don’t fear they won’t add EU at the start, I know they won’t.
I am simply trying to find a compromise (i.e something everyone can agree on, even if there is some losses for each sides) to calm the “uproar” asking for EU for exclusive access.
If IMC can pull this off, good, no need to talk further, but no evidence shows they have the ressources atm to do so.

Like i said they haven’t confirmed or made an announcement on anything you are discussing. All everyone has atm are guesses and assumptions.

I hope they’ll add some EU servers in the future if they are not up and running during early access. I would even pay for a server transfer. Somehow they have to pay additional servers. :wink:

You joined yesterday, my assumption is you lack some info about this game …

Again, if IMC announce an EU server for exclusive access, so GOOD, everything is fine. But what if they don’t ? And it wouldn’t be surprising that IMC simply can’t opened an EU server in a few days, they lack ressources atm.

You are assuming that i was born yesterday? I made an account to comment, doesn’t mean i dont read the forums.

You are quoting them saying that they are still discussing it. All they confirmed is that there will be at least one server in NA. It’s not healthy to focus on “what ifs”…

You are in denial :scream:

“Internal discussion” and “as soon as something is solid enough” mean when they have the ressources and are sure it will be worth it for them. You are making the assumption we will have some news about it before March 22th.
I hope we do, but don’t really expect it.

They didn’t confirmed there will at least one server in NA, they confirmed serverS will be in NA, same as iCBT serverS.

nah, i just dont want to form expectations and then have them made wrong when they finally announce something officially.

My “objective expectation” (read not what I hope for, but wait for) is we will not have an EU server for exclusive access, which wouldn’t be surprising. I really hope to be proven wrong in a few days.

In anticipation, we can suggest a compromise, there is no harm in that.

2 things can happen

  • EU server for exclusive access (end of discussion, every is happy)

  • EU server opens for OBT at the earliest (so seems to be 1 month after founder, can be more than that)

We all expect/hope for the first thing to happen, but in the worst case scenario, what do we do ? At the very least, we can express in advance our desire in such case.
Everything up until now show that the second thing is the most probable one.

They have already proven that they are listening to the community, and alot of people including you are asking for EU servers. That’s all we can do for now.