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Please take action VS AFK Macro Users in CM/DS Automatches

I play on Telsiai and 90% of my cm automatch is with afk macro users- literally 9 out of 10 runs, there is a braineadd dude standing and casting skills every 10 or 20 sec.
There is even one time that i get a match with 3 afk macro players — the other legit dude left and so am i.

I haven’t mention any names here but if you wanna check, just come tels and do automatch.
Big names, Unknown players, new account, obvious alt accounts, member of respected guilds, everyone is doing macro in CM.

I dont have issues on those players personally…go macro and go lazy i dont care, but bruhhhh, a 4 or 5min+ auto cm run with almost 10potions wasted just to carry this braindead animals is not good


XD well … I dunno if I encounter them … I just spam skills and end the cm run at 5:00 - 5:20 clear time … if it gets 4:30 or lower I know some peeps are slacking off XD

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i usually go the other side of the map to pull mob spawn then watch those what you call “braind-dead animals” non-stop casting on nowhere, without a target XD

But yea this is quite a bit of a problem but you know how IMC handle this right? they handle this by NOT handling it at all lol. They don’t even penalize our telsiai friends like balala, usage, 5thfleet, LmaoLoL and more for AFK dungeon spamming for years despite having tons of reports. So i dont think IMC will penalize Macro users, specially macroing issue is quite a grey area and hard to justify/prove since it usually use 3rd party software(or even hardware) that can’t be detected in ToS framework.

Mention names or it does not happen.

Anyone can link IMC policy against macro ?

i cant dump names rn since i cant remember them, and i finish all my vouchers for this week…
Names i remember:
HeartSwore(from no.2 guild)
‘something’_ZERO(obvious alt)
Mangix(from no.2 guild)
Pandaren(i think alt of mangix since they q both at same time and Mangix char name is pandaren)
Syndicate*##* (cant remember the number, there are like 10+ Syndicate in Tels with diff number in name)
and many more(sorry my memory suxx)

But I did my daily and caught this:
Macro8 sory for quality, need to trim it down coz 4mb max on GIF upload
Dude just casting Mass Heal every 30sec


Manuk_‘something’ (scout gang)

‘something’ _ZERO they all from guild Home-Less, always join with 2 n macro

200 IQ strats

Luckily, CM isn’t that hard, when there was none other in the queue, I actually cleared auto CM with another guy (only 2 players, via auto-match with party & 2-4 player auto-matching trick) nearly as fast as with 5 players. All you need is enough AoE and damage.

It’s of course annoying that these people leech off of other peoples hard work, but on the other hand, some players will treat you like a bot if you play the way IMC intended it (for example spam Energy Blast to kill large groups of spawning & incoming monsters).
Some people then struggle to even get any kills to avoid the 30% silver penalty, which is annoying if you have no range/large AoE skills.

The positive side of macro players: soon the best dealer will get additional silver (only 5% more for being the MVP), so being with macro players/bots will allow players to more easily achieve the MVP position.

On the bright side : IMC will spread the silver gain in the future (probably about September or October for iTOS) between more contents, so CM/DS cannot be exploited with the same efficiency as now.

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honestly i dont care about being top damage…silver difference are like less than 100k so its not that much…but what i get annoyed is being with them, the run last for around 5min, when its supposed to be <=3min. Plus im not that geared to carry the run fast so it suxx.

I know many of them are associated with each other but never noticed the macro part maybe because I don’t care much. And one of name group you mentioned are known to be independent players in a same circle of friends/family irl.

But what I do really care and hate about auto cm is bunch of Nazis that insisted people to play by their own rules. These wizards, like ddxstory and GHOSTZ among others that demand everyone to stay in the corner while they hog all the mobs with their aoe and over enchanted gears. They will also force everyone to do their bidding by using group warp with sage teleport, costing everyone else that were in mid cast of their missed skill rota. Any other players with subpar event gears or bad range will ended with shitty rewards thanks to these moron. If you ignore their demand they will stat to cry like baby and (thankfully) may leave the round.

This kind of play is understandable and encouraged in CM A2 since average round is quite long and everyone has 99% chance to get full reward no matter how it is played. But you gotta be real stupid to do this in A3 where rounds are short, mobs are actual commodity and must be shared fairly.

Sometimes people really start thinking they are king or something just because they are in top 3 guild and their echochamber filled with simp lords.


Haha, I know some guys like that, they complained about me running to the lower end to the position I could stand at and hit all the spawning enemies in the lower section in a straight line once they spawn, and these Wizard guys complained about me being disruptive because the mobs wouldn’t all run into their huge af circles that hit like 80% of the screen.

I wasn’t even slowing down the CM because those enemies that spawned outside my screen were still hit by Energy Blast and disintegrated before they could come over (many didn’t even get aggro’d) but alas, others cannot have fun/participate.
I wonder why overgeared memelords even join auto CM, they can organize parties and run all their CMs with an increased chance of drops of good items if they want to show that their skills can annihilate the whole screen in 1 second.

I only do auto-CM because it’s fast and outside of memeta, so others cannot complain.


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I don’t support the people in any way , but I’ll be frank with OP , regarding reporting players weather its exploits , bugs abuse , RMT or whatever scandals that people know of .

There is close to 0 percent that imc will do anything about no matter how detailed or how much attention u get in forums , nothing will change and at most people get away with a slap on the wrist , for what reason do they not take action ? I have no idea too .

Tldr , from experience just save ur time and effort , and spend it with the people u love playing this game with .


imc should make auto cm 2h long, so they can trap bot in there.

So you saw mydear one round and accuse him for using macro, is it? But it is a healer character though, all you have are heal and mass heal skill. If all he does for the whole run is only casting mass heal I’m pretty sure he will get really little silver since the silver you get is proportional to the damage dealt. Plus, a longer run=you can deal more damage won’t you get more silver? Well, unless you don’t want. All you need is one hand to play healer in cm/ds auto since all the skills are aoe :v

welp i saw what i saw…i even made a gif to show

Not my problem if he get little silver with only casting mass heal… the problem i see is him slacking(probably afk macroing) in the run.

Yes its a HEALer, so he got 2 skills - mass heal and HEAL which i believe has 0sec CD and spammable, but why he casting only mass heal? OH coz if you set your macro to spam autopress heal, you will deplete your sp right away.

Not bothering to make macro delay 4 seconds for Heal emoticon_0008

Regarding syndicate… here’s the power of funneling multiple alt…

Spent at least 300usd per month on this game… still cant get this long list of bobora.


WTF “Box Vaivora 30pcs”??? so he has 30 accounts and can be more :smiley:
He lives up on his name: Syndicate

btw is that an RMT discord server :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Lot of forumer should know. Perhaps, they just keep it in their mouth.

This is just one guy… and many more like him. The previous vaivora event totally give a loop hole to abuse.

Btw, I never have any feud with this guy. He just some unlucky sheep I pick up as an example.