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Please rework Melstis

The skill used to be good, but now is a luck based skill with an unnecessarly high item requirement.

Here are some suggestions from my side to make it more useful.

  1. Increases fire, lightning and holy melee and magic dmg by 5% per skill level for a max 25%.

Hidden synergy: if enemies are hit with conviction while the melstis buff is active, the increased dmg received from all property attacks will increase to +100%.

  1. The melstis buff will double the amount of enemies hit by divine stigma (5>10), turn the additional fire dmg received by Aukuras into a percentage increase (+2% additonal fire dmg received per Aukuras skill level) and increase the crit and accuracy effects of Daino by 50%.

  2. Physical and magical attacks now bypass 5% of the enemies def and mdef per skill level.

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Not only Meltis, but the entire Krivis class also needs to be reworked.


i dont really like the new melstis me melstis like blind faith, a good skill that nerfed to oblivion.the thing is its just recently changed so i doubt they will change/buff krivis again.
krivis is like a cow for many others, i hate the idea of skill scrolls even when you can get 100% skill uptime as a krivis.with the scroll system krivis still lacking dps and only get benefit from enchant fire,magic missile, fg and and poa which is not even that great and lacking of synergy with krivis except for enchant fire+fg+aukuras.they shouldve expand this scroll system and start letting krivis milking other class dps skill which is gonna need more work and debate so i doubt about it.i honestly hope they abolish this scroll system and stopping people milking krivis skills in many battle where you should rely on your own build like bernice or glad they banned it in legend raid, but they should also ban it in bernice, free boss, and the upcoming dps count boss. aukuras gives such tremendous healing capablity especially with how easy to trigger crit, zalciai+daino is such a great boost too.the losing of taoist which should be synergized as a god-thunder-mace-wielder theme for cleric which is quite often appearing in another mmo is gone now as well.
all in all i like this booster class but i hope changing krivis color to red year ago make this class having at least more dps capability in form of more dps skill.