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Please Rewok the Alchemist

The Magnum Opus is disabled, Awakening not have use anymore. Please overhaul this class

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I have been making so many post about reworking alchemist. Idk how else to get through to them. I feel like they just want to make new classes, then in the same breath drop off other classes. It would make sense if they kept the game before re:build because lower Circle classes kind were weaker but this rebuild they should fix a lot of classes. And specifically alchemist, has been overlooked.

This game with all these options shouldn’t be just one options especially when that’s a selling point of the game.

They have literally made systems around this class the newest alchemy crafting should have been applied to this class but instead the made it a global system. They added new potions in the Kingdom shops, which should have been applied to this class, they removed the mats for homunculus, but then made a whole universal “Pokémon system”

Potions don’t scale with any stats, potion crafting is capped, but squire and pardoner buffs scale and can both get +6

They literally just removed all the function from the class just down to crafting mediocre potions because the put the same Arts potions in the Popo shop.

It seems they just ignore or ruin instead of fix. Or just make a new class making it overpowered then nerf it in favor of the new class

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The problem here is not really the Alchemist class, but the obsolete potions in the game. Shops sell like 10 different potions that are only relevant at level 1, even the level 15 condensed ones don’t make sense past level 10 or so since they would heal for like 0.01% of max hps. New characters get decent basic ones, but they expire once you reach level 100 which is totally stupid…

It’s easier to stop dreaming alchemist will be dps or even decent support

If you love hell plant play druid, if you love homunculus play summoner or necro, if you love dropping dps liquids play exo etc etc

It’s better to dreaming that dragons and fairies exist rather than dreaming imc change alchemist.

They are more plausible.

Like i said again… just rework the useless skills for god sake. Magnum Opus dont even work anymore.

For imc that have to be frugal with their limited resource that’s close to doing it for nobody sake

Rather than rework alchemist they rather make a new class with the skills they would use for it

You are talking to a company who have lack of budget and resource

They could do it yeah, reworked alchemist sound like a nice campaign for those who knew how neglected it is

it can be like act of invitation for old players to feel the redemption

But to invite new players, nobody really care

Remaining players care of numbers and gimmicky new gears while new players care of something brand new, fresh start and hope to being equal or best in new server, boosts and freebies