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Please make tree of savior "classic" 280lv cap server

i miss the old’s patchs so much

make tos great again

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Same. Except for the buggy, laggy, broken mess of a launch that doomed the game from day 1, game actually somehow felt more complete when the level cap was lower. There was at least more to do.

Real talk, old lolopanther was the peak content, and nothing after it compares

Count me in. I don’t like how re:build is now, maybe I’ll randomly popup again when it actually comes true.

if IMC keep make the OLD content, soon or later the content will towards current content.
and i dont know what IMC have plan for keeps the old content can survive in the next few time.

actually i dont like event they make a new scout class make shinobi in scout, Bullet Marker out of Archer class etc

just see the base player now, before average players will be 1200-1500 and now just 1000players and less. even when I check the number of players this afternoon just 600 players for 4 server. sad fact
and in my steam Store page Tos before in page 3 and now the in page 4.
sadly but TOS to much players are leaving.

cmiiw and sorry for my bad english

Yeah, when gear wasn’t broken and equipment enhacement and level didn’t play a primal role in the balance save for few interesting mechanics from certain unique weapons and almost anyone could have fun in pvp (but at same time forced u to have Max Petamion and Gladiator Band to be competitive)

im not that fond of rebuild but this just sound like a statement out of lazy person who wont keep growing
things are getting crazier yes, but bearable
i can still find the fun although im not into pvp, many of build nerfed and many of my wish not yet to happen
you just need to move on dude.
or become an investor of imc and takeover the game


There are good and bad changes in games, but do you even realize that they had to change the game several times over after all the balancing? – this kinda proves that they do not know what they are doing. I don’t trust devs that screw over this a lot.

Same thing happened with ragnarok renewal, it only went downhill and a lot of people left the game looking for pre renewal classic servers instead.

A good example of change is FF14, but it’s pay to play so I won’t talk too much about it.

I’ve been through games with big changes but still, kept playing because it’s still fun, not this kind of garbage we have(sorry for those that like re:build).

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repeat after me.

I miss DPK; farming Varv Skin for my Beetleback; leveling in Royal Mausoleum; Arde Dagger and Cafrisun… I miss fackup my build, then try again; I miss pure theorycraft trap builds on tosbase. God I miss the 80’s. Now I have free stuff, so I can grind better, so I can get the next set, to grind better and faster, so I can grind way better, with my 200 alts characters with free legendary set events, so I can get the new legendary set, with the new set effect, so I can solo Doggo in 2 minutes, so I can get the new set effect. :tired:

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Yes, my way of moving on is leaving the game.

You don’t play a game you don’t enjoy. You can say that again when the game fully dies.

-I left the game months ago. I only keep most games on tab to see updates if they’re worth coming back to or not.

i my self not big fan of rebuild or all those abrupt changes
but i know i shouldnt hope so much over discreetly beta game.
if the game change you either move on or just quit.
if this game dying and you really dont care,then let it die.

ppl like you are one who will return once theres another re:re:re:re:build and end up quiting again because too lazy or just keep lookin on how better it is in the past

and its not like mmorpg is will die somehow.

Sorry you are wrong. I already gave away all my items at 10% of the market price.

I fully quit, I’m only here waiting for a new server back from scratch. I’m glad I followed some of the older games and get to play it, ex.archage unchained, etc.

good for you dude

if you mean back is everyone restarting then all my statements are true. but if you mean back is change everything back into the ol goodies then…

Yes. Move on? Done. Again, I’ll only be back if there’s a new server that isnt rebuild. If not, then I’ll leave it as is.

Did you even read? I play what I want, I don’t want this garbage. So literally nothing happens if there’s nothing new.

funny cause you re still here peeking and hoping over the same garbage

yep, you didn’t read.

you must be single are you ?
or you dont have an ex hue hue
move on isnt all about not doing/meeting/playing with the old thing
but its also forgeting and stop hoping over it or as you said garbage
who would wasting time hoping over the same garbage
do you expect EA to change how they are? they are garbage and will always be

I have an ex, but it was a proper break up not a salty one so I didn’t really care.

Old TOS isn’t garbage to me, re:build is.

So basically what I’m saying is, no new server: I won’t care, won’t participate or ruin ktos threads or other good threads.

And if I see a small discussion of what I want such as this, I can always come back and enjoyed what I did.

dude thank you so much