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Player using their "real" equipment inside uniform fued

  • Server : Klaipeda

  • Team Name of the abuser: nx666

  • Location : Gemstone Fued Uniform mode

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 9:10 - 9 25PM EDT

  • Evidence

i was curious from noticing that this player had a skinned weapon in uniform fued regularly, i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me so i recorded the entire fued run so that i could re-check.

It seems like i wasnt seeing incorrectly, this player is INDEED using their own equipment inside gemstone UNIFORM fued (which is supposed to have everyone use the same equipment).

(see skinned weapon in uniform mode)

i used “/memberinfo nx666” to check his equipment while in fued, and it also shows his real items equipped instead of the regulated fued ones.

(item check with memberinfo, and it shows his “real” equipment in use)

this has been happening for some days now and the player is obviously intentionally abusing a bug which lets them use their real equipment inside a mode that is supposed to regulate everyone’s equipment.

I also have a full video recording of the fued session with the abuser, if you need more evidence, just send me a pm!


Hi @Mikumo,

Thank you for reporting. We will look into this player’s activities.


One of many bugs that has been going on for some time (around 2 months?). Another bug is that everyone is all in one channel again for Gem Feud. Or is this intentional now? It has happened before but there has not been any official information on this unless I’m mistaken.

It is the same with this bug being able to wear real main hand + offhand in Uniform Mode. Hope these get addressed and corrected soon. I cannot say much about the players using them, they have been going unacknowledged for some time now.

it’s a bug i did report the very first day of uniform feud

you can keep your regular weapon by manual-swapping, you just have to put your weapon in second swap

Not intentional, it’s a bug that happens since the event Bernice was added, which leaks channels everywhere. This will probably be fixed when the event is over.

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Is that the only plan - punishing players that abuse this loophole? Do you not intend to just close the loophole (bug)?

this gotta be another disaster for newbs who trying to snatch gem feud mvp for stamp when they hope for a fair environment and end up getting crushed by op weapon


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Why bother? Address the real problem.

Yup this is definitely not a good look, especially since these players have been intentionally abusing it for many weeks now.

There is no “accident”. It is intentional and they know exactly what they are doing.

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This bug havent fix already long time ago, that why i feel sad because 1st game i thought can be fair game but some of people bring their own weapon can kill me easily. GM why never fix this bugs and never make warning to player who play the bug. that why i feel i gonna quit this game.


there is actually a very easy way of fixing it just like every other games out there, and IMC actually done this with at least one event in the past so I know it can be done:

step 1) create new set of equipment items that have only stats of 1 on them
step 2) program the game to only allow players equipped with those equipment or have no equipment to enter the fair feud mode; and not allow equipment change in the feud instance
step 3) ???
step 4) PROFIT

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if the bug happens he can easily unequip his main weapon and use the uniform one, he chooses not too, so he is abusing the bug, just be fair on a game mode thats trying to be fair, for everyone to enjoy pvp as much as it is posible :frowning:

The problem is when devs use that stance as an excuse for slow reaction speed to bugs. It would be more efficient to fix the bug than launch investigations on players.

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