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Player using multiple accounts

  • Server : [SA] Silute

  • Team Name : LastSavior

  • Location : Saalus Convent

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 02:35 pm server time

  • Evidence

This player is somehow using multiple accounts to perform some game content. As you can see, the other accounts of this player have obvious and very similar names (ken17, gohan16, robert19). You may ask me, how do you know the accounts were his? Simple, translating the message he sent me through the in-game chat, “if you can reconnect when you get your silver and box so I do not have to bring my other characters I would thank you”, and also the “LastSavior” was the only one that moved during the whole mission, the others just stood at the beginning of the map.

Please @GM_Francis investigate these accounts and if possible confirm their relationship with the account called “LastSavior”

LastSavior is a known gold seller from Silute, you can find him selling stuff on Facebook groups and he is not ashamed to confirm that he is doing RMT.