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Player Targeting Should Be 'Stickier'

I’ve pointed this out multiple times in the past that the game’s targeting can be faulty at times. Mainly, I’ve pointed out that the game fails to target mounted players properly in mouse mode, but I’ve come to notice that it can outright fail even on non-mounted characters. While this might be considered a bug (it certainly feels buggy), I want to suggest that they give us the option to have player-prioritization when mousing over things, and extra stickiness when it comes to targeting things. That is, I want a setting where if I mouse over a target and it ‘locks on’ I want it to stay locked on even if my mouse moves off the target a little bit.

Here I have a video where targeting fails on a player that I really have no business missing. He’s stunned and I already landed a targeted skill once before (aiming shot). I then stun him again, move a bit, and then try to use the second overheat of the same skill, which then doesn’t properly fire. I then follow up with another targeted skill (behead) which also failed to properly lock on and hit. This ultimately loses me the opportunity to kill this player, forcing me to retreat.

When a target is properly ‘locked on’ then their target information (HP and buffs/debuffs) will show up. I moved my UI around a bit, but it shows up properly in the screenshot below, where I land my first aiming shot.

However, when I attempt the second aiming shot it’s absent. I’m not really targeting the player. Yet, my cursor shows as a sword icon, suggesting that I am hovering over something that should be ‘targetable’. The game is clearly confused because I’m not targeting something that I should be targeting.

If we want the game to improve I think that a lot of classes can feel a lot more satisfying if targeting were improved just the tiniest bit. I feel like it could be the tiniest adjustment, like making the hitbox match what the cursor is detecting. Little frustrations like this can add up over time, seriously detracting from the experience.


IMC mentioned it on a kTOS blog, they intended target lock to have a range limit to avoid some skills that have no range limit like Snipe, Dimension Compression 1-shot people out of nowhere if you keep the target locked.

From my experience on other MMOs in the past, target lock was literally that, even if the target was on the other side of the map, which can be debatable if it’s a good or a bad thing.
I still consider that, all skills on ToS should have a range limit and from that starting point, improve the targetting system.


Targetting system should be vastly improved for a better PvE and PvP experience.

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I don’t play PvP, but I’ve had problems to target some MvPs.