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Player insulting and trolling during PvP

  • Reason for report : Offensive Behavior

  • Server : Fedimian

  • Team Name : Lord_Arhangel, SiGovsky

  • Location : Sulivinas Cave and GvG

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 19/04/19 and other times. It’s a repeated offense that it’s becoming quite harsh since it’s repeated. I honestly don’t like to be insulted and there is no reason for these ppl to do it to me.

  • Evidence

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Sure, offensive behavior bro


What is pvp u kid?
154 pvp char\\\\

Seen all those seeds and statue been wasted gives me pokerus D:

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I am so proud that my guild adopted this meme, and also really glad that you guys are enjoying it as well.

Here’s the trivia, it all originated from this amazing game :

And as I often use the term “farmed”, I just mixed those two together, and then this was created.
The “iFrame god” was of my composition as well.

Stay tuned for more disrespect, you guys earned it!


I’m actually curious about drop list from Fei btw. Did you guys loot anything?

If that is the most offensive thing you have heard playing any online game, then by God, I crave your existence, you innocent summer child, you.

Circlejerks aside: it is obviously just casual BM, no slurs, no targetted harassment, nothing worth complaining about. My obvious bias is that I am a member of the participating guild, and also that I think it’s a lot less BM, than, I dunno, RESURRECTING A DEAD FOE WHEN YOUR GUILDIES ARE SURROUNDING THEM, ONLY TO KILL THEM AGAIN?

Tell me how ressing a dead enemy, when said enemy is surrounded by your guild, purely to kill them again, in GvG, when it nets no extra reward, is somehow less BM than this…If you have no answer, you know who to ask.



LOL ! Thanks you made me smile at least x)…

No, not the most offensive but definitely not something I want to see spammed on my screen.

The point is that it’s not up to you to decide what I find harassing and that if I find it offensive I report it. And considering how the harassing is moving on this thread as well it seems kinda clear that several of his guild are following his example.

To the others: feel free to report me as well, I have no problem with it. Just post the entire screen, otherwise it’s illegitimate.

The fearsome Maids. :tired:


roflmao farmed



stop bullying ! he’s a victim of harassment !


said the racist


Nothing wrong with that

well. ofc, since you are the another racist i’ve seen in Fedimian server.


:haha: I never realized Maids were such babies.

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well, these words ain’t gonna make your comment look innocent and careless



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well that was a good run, time to get banned, see You guys in after life


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by “end nowhere” it means “nowhere in boruta rank” . maybe you went too far from that? coz i saw you post the sentence many times