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Play what you want or meta play?

With Re:Build notice I want to give another opportunity to the game, but i want know if is extrictly neccesary play meta classes or that doesn’t matter.

Of course I know that in raids and stuff like that would be neccesary certains classes, but is possible enjoy the game playing weird convinations without being discriminated?

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Meta builds are never necessary, people are lazy by nature so they always seek the easiest and shortest path…

Meta is nothing mode than baby mode and convenience…


You can be meta to level if you want as the new reset system allows you to change classes without events, i don’t think there will be any content that demands a specific build to be done (perhaps one out of x classes from a specific tree as for healing).


Gear is more important


I don’t think you understand what a Meta is if that’s your description of it.

No, you can pretty much get by well with nearly any build from what I’ve experienced and seen. Even easier to enjoy more content in Rebuild than ever before if you ask me.

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I know exactly what Meta Builds are…


It doesn’t matter, except for public parties filling in slots for specific roles like thaum-linkers or main healers. Even if they are not as important after re:build, public runs become more comfortable with a few dedicated classes around.

EDIT: I guess what I’m trying to say is join a nice guild and you can play however you want, a lot are recruiting cause new players are scarce anyway.

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PLAY WITH what you like, and it will not be competition, will be only fun.
Power will come naturaly. that is my tip.


there is really no reason to not play because someone didn’t like how you enjoy the game Owo

let them be mad and frustrated enough to waste their time and effort to manifest their being of a troglodyte owO

not everyone shares those kind of perspective Owo

it is, a game afterall, the only thing one needs to be serious about it is to have fun owOy


You can try both because you can reset anytime with the new system. Find a build you enjoy a lot, that is why youre playing because you wanna enjoy.


Have meta main and tons of toons for fun. Like always.

Thanks you for the answers, I really had a bad time when i leveled to 330 because I was testing weird builds and the other always 1 or 2 members quit from the dungeon due my builds (lol)

Meta builds = less party efficiency (because people will have the same Classes & same buffs with a larger probability)

Meta builds in general are only self-sustainability and self-impowerment.
Party play in Re:build lives from bringing many different Classes into a party to have the maximum effectiveness.

Of course, these many different Classes need to have some sort of group support, otherwise they’re useless for party play (like e.g. all Archers and the majority of Scouts and Wizards and Swordsmen).

Sadly, there is no longer any room for cross Class-tree synergy since most mechanics which can be used/abused are cracked down upon with Re:build, leaving mostly in-Class synergy,
e.g. Icewall can now only be attacked by the casting Wizard and with Bokor going to Wizard, no Cleric can benefit from the Necromancer debuffs on summon damage.

This means in general that it has boiled down to playing a build one likes, if you want more efficiency you have to make a pure Class-tree party (e.g. only Clerics or only Wizards or only Swordsmen) to abuse skill-related synergies and to bring mutual benefits to the party.

For solo-play, all you need is one Class that deals high damage onto a large area, the rest is basically free and only matters for specific situations.

The foremost matter is dedication, you need a good weapon (Velcoffer) and a decent investment into skill enhancement attributes to be able to have a good output. You also need to make an effort to combine your skills in a way you have the most benefits from them.

As there are only so many skills which can be used effectively within a certain time period, a lot of people will probably skill too many skills to be used, thus spreading too many points into rarely-used skills.

This skill/time management coupled with your build choice will decide on the true efficiency of ones character, not what some people tend to copy from others as they see it works well.

Re:build offers build options to create synergies, cover weaknesses or build upon strengths within the Class tree.

You need to decide for yourself what you want to play and how effective/efficient you want to be.
As resetting will be a permanent feature within the game, make the best out of it and play as you want.


that only happens to me in 1 out of 100 runs Owo

moast of my builds are like 10 circle 1’s XD

you’re meeting a lot of nasty people if you ask me owO


Ofc what you want.


Join a guild. You’ll get full support and valuable info from other guild mates for your builds.
Note: after re:build, Navi will come at level 150 and constantly say “HEY! LISTEN! HEY! LISTEN! YOU’RE NOT IN GUILD!!!”, so consider joining one :haha:


Playing a meta build will probably net you a quicker party if you aren’t already with your own, but I feel like gear is infinitely more important.

Re:Build kinda softened the gap of meta builds : fun builds (but for some choices more than others though), so as long as you aren’t picking your classes at random and with at least some semblance of synergy… you should be fine.

Since this won’t be pre-re:build tomorrow, where non-meta builds kind of feel like you’re shooting yourself in the foot, I’d say focus on synergies between your classes, and your gear.
Your gear is what’s going to make your babby damage into not-babby damage.

Unless you’re referring to PvP. PvP is probably always going to be metameme-w/e.

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you can do both, as long as you are happy

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speaking of joining a guild Owo

if you’re from tels you can join ours owO

if you can’t find us in the in-game guild search that looked like this


i guess you can join our discord so to be recruited Owo

this is pretty much a description of the guild owO


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