Plague Doctor in Re:Build


After taking a deeper look into what I said about sadhu, I think maybe I was mistaken. Sadhu doesn’t really seem much stronger than PD in terms of dps, maybe only slightly.

Possession, of course, is still the strongest sadhu skill. It deals up to 2200% factor in 4 seconds to up to 14 mobs, with 20 sec cd 1 overheat.

Incineration deals about the same amount of factor per second, but lasts up to 10 seconds (more if enemy is debuffed) and it has 2 overheats with 15 sec cd.

If we consider the fact Incineration hits fewer mobs due to smaller AoE, the fact Transmit Pranah buffs Possession damage, and the fact Incineration has more overall damage, one extra overheat and fewer cd, I’d say the two skills are somewhat in the same level of power.

Then we have Black Death, which sort of compares with Astral Body Explosion being overall better. The rest of Sadhu skills add to that comparison which would make me think the two classes are on par in terms of dps.

Then finally, we have the fact Sadhu gets more INT bonus than PD, which increases your base matk and puts the class perhaps only slightly better than PD in terms of pure damage.

If we were to compare PD and Exorcist, I’d say Exorcist is much stronger dps hands down, but when comparing PD and Sadhu, perhaps the two classes can pull about the same amount dps, even though PD has much more supportiveness than Sadhu.


My main is a Diev PD and I’m personally very happy with it. The build is C2>Diev3>Miko>PD2>Exo2. In rebuild I will keep Diev PD and then maybe keep Exorcist as well. Diev is very static, some people like playing Diev some people don’t. It’s all about tastes, but maybe you want to try it out. :relaxed:

I agree that maybe a better DPS build might be with Druid instead of Diev, though. :smiley:


I have no idea what you’re doing here, but I don’t think it’s math.

4s / 0.3s hit cycle = 13 hits per possession. 13 x 165% soul is 2145% skill factor total. Divided by 20 you get a rough dps of 107.3% per second.
Transmit prana is trickier to calculate, as it gives +75% soul attack on possesion, +20% min matk as added soul property atk and has a 30s duration with 60s cd. (Sufficient to boost 2 out of 3 possessions, but if mistimed may only boost 1)
But with TP it’s at least above 187/s.

11s+ (it should still get 1s per debuff and needs 1 debuff to work) / 0.3s hit cycle = 36 hits. (might be 35 due to IMC spaghetti coding but incin has time left so it should in theory avoid that)
With 2 overheat you can get a 22s duration and 4s cd afterwards if you chain, which you should since it doesn’t stack. (36 hits x 135 skill factor x 2 overheat) / 26 total cd = 373.8% dps
If you include Agni than its (36 x 185 x 2) / 26 = 512.3 % dps
Should also still get the +30% bonus from bds when that’s active as well.

15s / 0.5s hit cycle = 29 hits (IMC logic ^^) 29 hits x 81% skill factor = 2349% / 20s cd = 117.5% dps

Obviously this still ignores a vast ton of details like amount of enemies hit, elemental type benefits, flat resistances, cast time etc etc. But as a very rough comparison it still shows a large numerical difference between possession and incineration.

ABE/Vashita/Prakriti struggle to even reach over 35/s a piece, so I’m not even going to bother mentioning them in detail. Not sure what IMC was trying to do with those.


Your math may be correct on paper but it’s far off reality in practice.

You can’t stack 2x incinerations on a same target so that means you need to be hitting at least twice as many targets with 2x incineration overheats than with one possession to achieve that 378% dps. In reality, that’s not practical. Incineration has a smaller AoE and requires targets to be debuffed, whilst posession locks targets on ground and has a much more comfortable wide AoE. I’ve never managed to hit 14 mobs with a single incineration overheat, but with possession that’s not very difficult.

Effectively, I’d say you hit 4~8 targets per incineration overheat depending on what skill you are using to debuff. So realistically, 2x Incineration overheats hit about as many or slightly fewer targets than a possession overheat.

Also there’s the fact debuffing mobs and grouping them up properly before using the skill takes some time. Doing that with possession is much easier since it simply locks mobs on the ground as they enter the effect. Losing time grouping mobs means losing overall dps.

Incineration performs much better against single targets due to it’s innately longer duration, damage buffs through Black Death, Velnia Monkey cards, Conviction, and so on. However, Possession still surpasses it when used against a big quantity of mobs, simply because Possession is much more trivial to use and hits more mobs much easier.

I said the both skills are somewhat in same levels of power taking all these things into consideration, overheats, AoE, skill mechanics, etc. I didn’t simply state they have similar dps thus they are of same power.

The other sadhu skills are indeed a bit disappointing when compared to Possession, however, you are still comparing 3 different sadhu skills with one PD skill (black death). Calculating the total skill factor of Black Death over 15 seconds or the dps of it and compare with the other skills is purely misleading.

ABE still deals 2x hits of 334% to each mob if your body is close to your spirit aswell as the dot that deals about the damage of an extra hit over 5 seconds. That totals out on about ~1000% factor over these 5 seconds, without a maximum mob limit too. The most important thing about ABE, however, is it’s innately huge AoE. It’s a 360 degree circular AoE, as big as Chortasmata, which is much more reliable than Black Death’s stupid front-only narrow and rectangular AoE. If you played PD then you have at least missed Black Death’s completely a few times when mobs wiggle around.

The loss of an overheat and the fact Pandemic is now much smaller means you have very little margin of error with Black Death now. If you completely miss the steam or miscalculate Pandemics range/cd then you are already sitting at much lower dps than what ABE would achieve by simply hitting a button in the middle of a big mob.

ABE alone is enough to be on par, or even surpass black death in terms of raw damage, unless again, we’re considering you’re attacking a single target. But if you’re not convinced of that, we still have Varshitta, which deals ~900% factor on 40 sec cd, Prachitiry, which deals up to 700% factor on a small AoE as big as pre-rebuild deprotected zone, and of course, out of body auto attacks. All of those not considering Pranah’s buff.

Like I said before, this doesn’t prove Sadhu is a superior class, but it does prove PD is less offensively oriented than Sadhu.


I’m not talking about stacking, I specifically said that that wasn’t possible with incin.
I’m talking about chaining, the act of letting the first overheat run its course and then use the second asap to reduce downtime.

And I never said it would hit more enemies, though you should still aim to use pandemic to spread it to a larger group as often as possible since we get the incin spread attribute now with relative ease.

I’ve heard ktesters state you can’t hit twice with ABE, that’s it’s supposedly hard locked to just 1 hit atm.
And the bonus dmg is +5% x 9 hits, so 334% x 1.45 = 484% every 20s. That’s not remotely on par to 2349%.
And it’s not like you could stack 2x abe debuffs even if the double hit worked properly now.

Sure, but one can say the same about possession being interrupted by a kd or cc effect.
And that’s why I just use bds near more enemies, it’s contagion spreading or pandemic will ensure it hits plenty of enemies as long as you hit something.

And I do agree that sadhu’s possession does have an easy time intercepting enemies, or hitting more enemies than incineration asap.
But I frankly don’t think a lack of AoE holds up for BDS at all due to how easily it spreads.

Not quite.
You’d need 60 skill points to max possession, abe, vashita, prakrita and transmit prana. You will need to sacrifice something and that won’t be TP or Possession since those are by far stronger.

I’m saying its mechanics, and larger aoe +tons of cc, don’t do anything to remedy its sheer lack of damage. So I have no idea what power you’re talking about then.


I played Sadhu PD long enough to say…
Sadhu is uhm decent. The buff is nice. Posession is good but Incinerate is on a whole other level.

Against Bosses (the only relevant single targets) Posession deals less damage than incineration already and the boss typically jumps out anyways + Risk of knockback.
On the other hand we have incineration which burns the boss, deals its damage. Damage is high and in case of troublesome bosss 1 level Methadone is enough to get everything applied.
ABE… ehh… no. Doesn’t deal much damage. Also OOB sets physical defense to 0. This skill is suicide in any relevant scenario.

For mob groups your calculation is a bit off. You can typically calculate at least 13 seconds of incineration. 11 base, 12 BDS and some random debuff from another circle. Stacking doesn’t make sense tbh.
The cooldown actually is defined by Pandemic, this is where the ■■■■’s getting hot. In big clusters like Raid oder CM you hit a number of monsters a Sadhu can’t even dream about. And then 25sec CD.

This is just damage and PD is far more. TBH there is no reason to take Sadhu.


Does anyone know why Death Sentence doesn’t transfer with Pandemic? Death Sentence is a debuff, it counts as a debuff when you use incinerate, WHY CAN’T I PASS IT ON AAAAAA.

Is it a bug? Intentional? Because I feel that it really should.


I am running PD/Zealot/Druid with a critical heavy transforming hybrid build. It works ok, but I find that I have too many skills on my bar and rarely enough time to actually spread anything with Pandemic because I am constantly in casting animation due to how many mechanics Zealot has.

By comparison, my old PD/Paladin/Pardoner build was more comfortable to play, but the Pardoner/PD synergy isn’t as good anymore because of the new mechanics of Discern Evil that actually work against Pandemic. (A lower-duration debuff can override a boosted duration debuff when spread with pandemic)

Considering maybe swapping out Zealot for something else, though this build does do absurd damage…and runs out of SP very fast.

@bravearmor there are a lot of things Pandemic can’t pass on for some reason.Imc being ‘consistent’


I’m having lot of fun with a Oracle/PD/Exo. But I guess I had similar fun playing with a Druid/PD/Exo. THe only advantage I see in Oracle is Death sentence which is a really nice addition to the build. However Druid has an extra skill for dmg and you can also became werewolf which is fun as well. From my tests, I can’t see any really good DPS cleric build for PD now. So I guess that in RE:build you may just look for a build that suits best your playstyle (solo, with friend, with guild, etc).


Thanks to Incinerate being so powerful and the retool of Beak Mask, PD can basically function as a standalone class now. It slots into nearly any Cleric build. The only limitation is whether or not the other classes bring enough debuffs to provide a significant extension to Incin’s duration.


Hello all, returning player here for RE:build, before this i was playing Cleric>Priest>Druid>Exo, can anyone share any good dps build for PD just wanna test here since my friend keep ask me to return :smiley: i heard there were lots of change now, thanks again sir


My build for pd is: Cleric>Inquisitor>PD>Exo, judgment count as a debuff for incinerate and rubric deals more damage, black death and incineration both work on breaking wheel with the additional damage attribute


I’m playing PD > Zeal > Inq and rly loving it.
PD is completely supp in the build with 1 point BDS for Velnia and no points in Fanatism to keep Healing Factor up forever. Atm I have 15 points in incinerate and I’m thinking to spread them between HF and Methadone, maxing both. Zeal + Inq already do enough dmg imho.


Unfortunately, incineration no longer works on Inquisitor’s wheel the way it used to. They seem to have removed that interaction.


I was playing today and it worked


I just swapped over to Inquisitor and it doesn’t work. It creates sparks on the wheel, but doesn’t damage any nearby enemies, nor empower the strikes of the wheel’s damage itself.

What DOES work, however, is Druid’s Thorn, because it inflicts a bleeding component which counts as physical damage.


Are you sure?
I tried it several times and never worked for me :confused: this is one of the reason I’m planning to take out Incinerate from my build.


Yeah I tested it black and blue. I put the wheel between two enemies, cast judgement, then set it on fire. Neither of them took damage. Afterwards, I tested a wheel by itself on one enemy and it was doing about 6800 damage per spin. I then set up another wheel, set it on fire, and lured another enemy into its radius and it was taking about the same amount of damage at the same tick rate.

You might be tricked by the fact that you’re incinerating enemies who’re already being hit by the wheel, making it look like they’re taking much more damage, but really they’re just being hit by the wheel + incinerate.

Meanwhile, bleed ticks from Thorn were hitting enemies around the wheel and doing about 600 damage to them.


This is the last nail on Incinerate coffin :smiley:
I’ll try to take it out and max Healing Factor: maybe it will turn useful in PvP.


Don’t sleep on incinerate though. It’s a very strong dps skill right now, almost on par with Rubric in prolonged fights. If your build enjoys any kind of hybrid damage then you may as well take it.