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Plague Doctor in Re:Build


Hallo everybody,
Just recently I stared plying as a plague doctor and I absolutely love it. I made this my main char now and would love to keep playing as a PD… but as it seems re:Build removed the pandemic range attribute and BDS fast contagion attribute :frowning:

I don’t care as much about the BDS attribute, but having a much smaller pandemic range sounds very troubling to me.

Did anybody play as PD in Re:Build yet and could share some opinions?

Right now I am playing as Cleric 2, Sadhu 3, Diev1, PD3. I wonder if this setup will still work in Re:Build.

Thanks in advance


They recently increased the default size of pandemic in re:build. I haven’t really watched any videos for a while so I’m not sure if it’s up to par with the attribute.


Wohooo! That sounds great! I really have trouble imagining playing with the default size.
I enjoy PD playstyle so much… even though people tell me it’s weaker then most classes I still very much like it and plan on keeping it as my main char


I got curious with the size as well so I searched for videos. Here it is:

Definitely bigger than the default now but smaller than the one with attribute.


I really like PD playstyle too! All those damage over time skill. More importantly, healing factor and bloodletting gives insane survival! I think bloodletting is getting removed in re:build, but beak mask becomes a 100% uptime buff?

I think people say PD is weaker than most classes, but only in terms of DPS?

Edit: btw, I don’t have any experience with re:build, but I heard owl statue is very strong, so cleric-diev-sadhu-PD should be a strong magic dps. I’d change diev to exorcists though, but need to test it first.


PD isn’t weaker in terms of damage, only against dark property/demon race enemies since a lot of other Clerics can exploit their element or weakness to physical attacks.
The main problem of PD is that it relies heavily on debuffs and takes longer to kill than your average 3x God Smash, Breast Ripper, Breaking Wheel,Rubric,Katadikazo,Koinonia,Fanatic Illusion,etc.

This is also the reason why PD doesn’t fit well together with a lot of Classes since they’d effectively work against him (i.e. when using a nuke attack, infected&burned enemies will die anyway, making PD useless in the build except for the support skills) since a lot of Cleric Classes feature quick defeat tactics.

The Classes working best together with PD would be probably Miko,Dievdirbys,Monk,Sadhu,Chaplain as none of them really focuses on nuking enemies but on dealing with them slowly over time.

Still unsure about Zealot, might be good to have or might not be a good solution, you’d have to test it out and make a choice.

If we go over to the support side, there would be Pardoner (increases debuff duration,but only for up to 5 targets; requires Kabbalists Nahash for an effective spread of Discerning Evil[no idea if you can spread it via Pandemic]) and Oracle (Divine Might, Prophecy,Death Sentence all help with DOT and Twist of Fate can help killing pesky boss monsters faster) to help with dealing more damage continuously or repeatedly.

probably, as long as it’s funded. Sadhu isn’t that good anymore,though, so you might be willing to exchange it for something else. Just try out any Class you think is working well together with PD.
Just do yourself a favor and decide on if you either want to be Plague Doctor with some support or you want to be build x where PD plays a not insignificant, but also not major role.

Once you’ve got that identity down, I think you’ll make the right choices when testing.

By the way, with the new reset system you’d rather want to test out the weakest choices first, since you need to accumulate reset points by doing content after using up your free 3 resets at the beginning of the event.


Would have posted a link but it isn’t working for me atm o…o

Bloodletting is removed but Methadone now also prevents r2 debuffs when its up. (10s duration / 30s cd though.)

Beak Mask is now a 1 pointer that lasts 60s and has a 10s cd. (+now prevents all r3 and lower debuffs on you.)

It was one the lower side of cleric dps prior to re:build, post rebuild it’s above average in terms of cleric dps.
Don’t quite know how that relates to other base classes though.

Not anymore, owl got nerfed and then slightly less nerfed several weeks ago prior to ktos release. Now its just average if you have enough spr. (though still need to see tests on its aoe ratio which could hinder it.)

I Wouldn’t exactly advise sadhu though, as it got nerfed quite a bit. (reduced tp values, reduced tp upkeep, low dmg on almost all skills aside of possession and even possession is only average with tp active.)

Pardoner + Exo can also work as aqua benedicta + discern evil gives you an AoE discern evil that extends debuffs by 100% every 25s.

Paladin is also decent alongside PD since conviction should be a +30% dmg debuff now with a 20s duration. That and Sanctuary works nicely on incin/bds.

Bonus round of undoing Umineko’s misinfo:

Chaplain/Exorcist only tbh, other holy skills are lacking atm. And yes we all agree holy is op.

Inquisitor and Zealot would be the only ones capable of exploiting that, and I’m not sure it’s as big of a deal as you make it out to be as demons also have a 0.7 hp modifier anyhow.

Zealot also relies on damage over time effects, they’re just buff based instead of debuff.

Exorcist is a lot faster, but it’s also the top cleric dps class atm by a large margin. PD is still up there in the top cleric classes after re:build though.

No, seriously what on earth are you even talking about?

Only Inquis, Exo and full lycan (for 33% of the time anyway) fill that niche for us clerics in the rebuild, everything else doesn’t.

Nope to infinity.
Right for now for PD the best dmg source is incineration, though bds is a bit to average perhaps.
As such it favors the more debuff heavy classes like Druid/Zealot but can also work really well with the Discern Evil AoE synergy.

Miko has lousy dmg and a tiny aoe, and people were saying kagura only worked for magic circles. Neither incin or bds are magic circles fyi.

Dievdirby is a decent secondary option as long as you grab enough spr, which is a given for pd anyhow.

Monk who’s dmg is so low most monk fans are already depressed 24/7? probably not a good recommendation.

Sadhu also has lousy dmg, and while it has a good chunk of debuffs atm they tend to last very short or are tied to a channel so it’s not very compatible atm.
Transmit Prana + a ton of pd hits is their best synergy, but transmit prana was heavily nerfed. (50% upkeep 20%/75% iirc)

Chaplain focuses primarily on auto attacks and has no debuffs, it’s not useless as a combination but also not the most synergetic either.

As if that ever stopped you from giving out “information” before.

only for up to 1 target, it’s like you don’t even play this game.
And holy circles can spread it to all enemies inside. (Hamaya / Aqua Benedicta and Nacash.)

There are several builds possible for PD with all those roles intact fyi.
PD + Druid + any or PD + Pardoner (+ DE aoe synergy class ideally exo) have a good mixture of dmg, healing and utility from the get go.


Thx for your advices. I only took sadhu 3 cause I get a great DMG boost with TP right now. I mainly want to focus on PDS playstyle with spreading debuffa and burning enemies to the ground. All other classes should somehow compliment that style :smile: feels like great DMG loss now that TP doesn’t work as well anymore :frowning:

Having trouble coming up with something good right now


As a dedicated PD player for now I can say:

I don’t get why people always say PD deals less damage than other clerics. I resetted through all kinds of builds by now. It’s harder to apply damage but for relevant content there are typically debuffs everywhere. The damage is splendid and I get more out of my PD than with an Exo/Druid build.
Hard to compare to physical builds because of gear difference. But Zealot felt like complete crap for relevant content but a lot more smooth for questing because of zapping aura.

The strength of Pandemic is amazing. Exo has better burst but the overall damage of PD is higher and the typical combo of Poison Fire Pandemic is not that hard to get off and really shines in CM.

Sadhu3 is the best damage addition imho. Anything that increases the tick damage is very welcome. Also with Thauma in a party prana into swell is very neat.
Sadhu3 also decent for questing as you can fire a strong Posession if you don’t want to waste a Fire overheat.

PD has a Rank 10 problem. You get circles 7-9 filled with the Doc and then you need something to finish the build. Most casting circles feel a bit wasted as single circle. Druid2 is decent but then Sadhu3 isn’t possible.
My personal favorite now: Zealot.
Sounds like madness which is a perfect fit for the doc. Fanatism adds a solid +30% dmg boost you can flip onto all dots with a single keypress. Knockback immunity is also very good as PD has animations.
My goto combo is:
Poison -> Fire -> Pandemic -> Fanatism
And then a cure in case of bosses. Feels really good, burns good and the theme is totally fetting.

Also something I advice to take: Bokor. 8sec CD free debuff especially nice for question. Hexing can be spread which is also nice.

Personal favorite map/farm build:
C2 -> Bokor -> Sad3 -> Doc3 -> Zealot

For party I actually prefer:
C3 -> Paladin3 -> Doc3 -> Zealot

Reason: Barrier is useful and ticks with magic damage. Sanctuary is a very nice switch after Fanatism which adds your defense as holy damage onto all ticks that burns down dark/demons very well. And you get insanely tanky which I really like about PD.

Given the actual data this translates into rebuild. For damage all in into dot damage and slap survivability and utility onto it.
For me PD will be safe in the build together with Druid. Druid is a solid damage boost with 100% uptime. Also more damage, binds crit damage boost. The good thing about having a lot of ticks is that crit% directly translates into damage as it can’t happen that the burst goes off without crit and sits on CD then.
If the stats won’t hurt that much I will take Zealot as last circle. I really took a liking to it. Zealot can be played purely with buffs. Fanatism and Beady Eyes are 30 points directly gone for very good skills. Especially with dots burning everywhere it’s super easy to apply beady eye crit boost. Very tasty.
I will wear a 2-Hand Hammer as I don’t want a shield. Maybe I will also take one of Zeas physical skills depending whether it actually makes a difference otherwise it’s the whole 15 points in knockback immunity.

The incoming support changes for PD are very welcomed. The value point into Mask and Fumigate are really nice. Methadone seems pretty bad with low duration. Poison will be a value point as the damage is dumpstered anyways. A nice indirect buff is Incineration as it doesn’t lose much damage but there’s still the +50% Agny boost. Given the whole damage reduction across the whole class board this means a lot.
Which means incineration with 100% Attributes and Agny is 197,2% on Lv1 and 266% on Lv15. Not sure if I will actually level it up and instead throw the points into Factor and Haste.

The future is bright. I am really thrilled for rebuild. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. I am mostly trying to come up with something for Re:Build.

Are there translated descriptions for all the Paladin skills for Re:Build somewhere?

Right now I don’t really get how PD profits from Paladin and how the skillsets interact.

Thanks in advance


Kabbal for the 10th rank is not bad either. I personally much rather lose some damage for free SP…

The PD builds I like are:


Notice I don’t have bokor in any build? Yea I know I’m crazy, but I just don’t like bokor even though I know the synergy is there.


But isn’t the SP recovery on Ein Sof removes in Re:Build? As I said, I am mainly looking for re:build ideas. It’s not much longer until rebuild hits so I don’t plan to use pre rebuild mechanics.

What about this for rebuild?


Bokor for spreading hexing, Krivis to spread Zalcali (magic can crit now), Divine Stigma (are Stats worth more now that we can only distribute very few stats ourselfs?), aukuras.

I think this might work… or maybe even replacing Bokor for pala… but to me Krivis seems to be a good match actually


Bokor was removed from the cleric tree in rebuild, its a wizard now.

I personally think oracle goes really well with the new PD. That being said, every other class goes well with oracle so its not like PD has any special combo with it…


Oh wow! I conpletwly forgot bout Bokor being removed!

Yeah, I just checked oracle… it seems to be a good buff to PD.

Can death sentence be used with pandemic? :stuck_out_tongue: even if it can not be spread with pandemic it sounds to me as if there is a good chance for a PD to reset death sentence CD by killing mobs.

Right now cleric/oracle/plague doctor sounds good to me… maybe Krivis as a fourth class… not quite sure… or even diev…


Yes. Iirc ein sof doesn’t recover SP in re:build. Obviously I was talking about now since I mentioned circles of the classes… I was only talking with Sciguma.

I posted a suggested build for re: build above, but like I said, need to be tested. Seems like Wurmheart is saying owl got nerfed so it’s just an average skill, and he/she does not suggest sadhu either, so I would do cleric-exorcist-PD-X. Probably druid if nothing else is good. Druid has lycanthropy and more DoT!


Even if it can be, there’s no need for that. 15 seconds of Death Sentence is enough for your skills to deal the maximum amount of damage anyway.

And don’t forget that with Divine Might, Death Sentence lvl 11 will affect 16 targets by default, which is probably more than enough.

The major benefit of Oracle on PD is Foretell, you can lure 15 mobs, debuff them, and then channel Foretell for 10-11 seconds to take 0 damage while the enemy is slowly dying.


Sounds like fun and like it would really work well with the PD style gameplay <3

Now to decide on a fourth class. Maybe something that could help with single-target dmg… since that seems to be PDS weakness right now


You should use to check some skill descriptions to have a overall idea of how RE:Build works. Use google translator on it so you can read in english.

PDs do lose their Pandemic range, but it’s still big enough to spread BDS or Conviction into a somewhat grouped mob.

PDs are very good in RE:Build as they have very solid support skills together with two considerably strong dps skills (BDS and Incinerate).

At max level, Incinerate deals 135% per 0.3 sec, which equals about 450% factor per second. Over 10 seconds, it’s 4500% factor. That’s pretty intense, considering the average strong skill in RE:Build deals about 1000% factor damage.

BDS deals considerably lower damage, since it doesn’t have as much factor or the -0.1 tick delay attribute anymore. However, it still combos nicely with Velnia Monkey cards and provides +30% to all damage on a poisoned monster. In RE:Build, getting +% damage debuff to monsters is much more difficult, getting such debuff usually demands you to sacrifice a lot of dps to take a full support class (i.e. new Death Sentence from Oracle’s or Conviction from Paladin’s).

The fact these two skills deal tons of hits, as opposed to skills that deal few hits of high factor, also gives you a considerable advantage when using buffs such as Blessing or Sacrament.

In RE:Build PDs get a skill that is basically the same as Chronomancer’s Haste, and they do also get 100% immunity to rank 3 debuffs and lower with 100% uptime for themselves for only 1 skill point into Beak Mask. Getting debuff immunity in RE:Build is also much more difficult, with most other similar skills being nerfed (i.e. Prophecy lasts 30 sec but 60 sec duration now and still only protects rank 1 debuffs).

And of course, last but not least, Healing Factor has an insane healing power as always, healing as much as a Cleric’s Heal every 2 seconds. If making a party member nearly immortal with 100% upkeep time isn’t good enough to justify PD as a good class, then I really don’t know what is.

PD Can’t compete in terms of dps with an Exorcist, or even a Sadhu, but of course it’s a hybrid dps/support class that brings your survivability and supportiveness much higher.


Thx for the reply. Wow, how come sadhu now is stronger than PD? I remember back when TOS started Sadhu was just soooo weak… and now it’s more powerful than PD? O.o how come?


That’s also always my selling point for PD. If there was actually hard content and not everything a DPS race you could go Priest Oracle Doc and be that immortal Cleric guy keeping the party going. That would be my favorite build but given the actual state more damage is typically the best option.