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Piper or Falco or both (and others)

Torn between
have a ranger - falco - mergen looking to change class to :
Sapper - Falco - Musk
Sapper - Piper - Musk
or Sapper - Falco - Piper

i just want the efficient build around sapper for PVE .

also does someone have a good Wugu build

and since im posting another one… Hunter - Falco - X ? what would be a good filler for farming.

you got pet already or free slot for it?_?

keep falcon

yes i do, i have a ranger falconer mergen right now, and im looking to switch to sapper with those 3 choices i just dont know which to get since i only have 3000 class points.

Falconer > musket would be my choice…

I wanted to make a Falconer > Tiger hunter > Musketeer but I got no space for the falcon :frowning:

tried this one, the skill rotation feels empty

Sapper > falco > wugu would be the “best” opption for pve, it’s probably the strongest build for aoe pve
may lack some damage on bossesthere are few cons in this build, like
1 no damage on flying mobs
2 all your damage is in an area on the ground, if they move out of it you lose damage
3 Wugush lacks skill points and need some rework on at least 2 skills
4 i think is boring to just throw things on the ground and wait whilde the mobs die

am Musketeer >Pied Piper and love it, enough to feel like I don’t need a 3rd class xD